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Show BioHide BioAlan Stang has been a network radio talk show host and was one of Mike Wallace's first writers. He was a senior writer for American Opinion magazine and has lectured around the world for more than 30 years. He is also the author of ten books. Go to www.stangbooks.com to read about Alan Stang's blockbuster new novel, He, about the greatest hero of all time, Jesus Christ. If you would like him to address your group, please email what you have in mind. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

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Martin Luther King, Jr: Traitor

Published 16y ago -

It’s that time of the year again. As this issue of these weekly diatribes goes to press, the nation is preparing to honor by means of a national paid holiday the only other man who enjoys the same status as Washington. The Martin Luther King holiday smelled as... More »

Let us prey: The horror in the church

Published 16y ago -

I am not a Roman Catholic, but in the historic enclave were I was raised, pretty much the only people we knew of were Catholics and Jews. Needless to say, everyone was a Democrat and believed that Franklin Roosevelt had been sent there by God, or maybe that he... More »

Prisoners of war: Victims of imperial Washington

Published 16y ago -

Over the past some weeks, we have looked at the five major wars Imperial Washington conducted in the Twentieth Century. We saw that there was no good reason for the United States to fight in any of them, so, in every case, Imperial Washington arranged our entr... More »

The Soviet-Islam axis: Nothing “just happens”

Published 16y ago -

For weeks, we have been considering the question of whom we are fighting in the present “war on terror.” Now we are ready to put the pieces together. Suppose you are the Soviet Politburo in Moscow, and your unwavering goal has always been the defea... More »

World government frenzy: A century of war (Part II)

Published 16y ago -

Last week, as you will recall, we looked at the conduct of the present war with Iraq, we saw that it has been in continuous progress since 1991, and we saw that Washington started the war by means of a diplomatic contrivance.  This raises questions about the c... More »

World government frenzy: A century of war

Published 16y ago -

As this issue of etherzone.com goes to press, President Bush is getting ready to tell the Communist UN why the United States must invade Iraq. Many Americans still believe that invasion will begin the war; in fact, we have been waging war, however lukewarm, ag... More »

When dictatorship comes: How do you know?

Published 16y ago -

Most Americans would agree (I hope) that the victims of a totalitarian dictatorship have the moral, if not the legal, right, indeed the obligation, to use any means to overthrow that dictatorship. The only people I can think of who don’t, are Christians ... More »

American genocide: It’s happening now

Published 16y ago -

Is the Bush Administration contemplating genocide? Not in the Balkans, not in some country halfway around the world, whose name we can’t pronounce; but here, in the United States, where we Americans would be the victims. Many incisive commentators have c... More »

It’s the immigration, stupid!: Treason is the reason

Published 16y ago -

A couple of weeks ago, Fox News reported that 2,000 Somalis have turned up in Lewiston, Maine, a town of 35,000 souls and that conflict has erupted over lifestyles and the fact that the Somalis are using half the town’s welfare money. What are Somalis? How wou... More »

The UN is communist: What is Bush?

Published 16y ago -

Image courtesy of Marion Doss under CC BY-SA 2.0. For weeks, we have been looking at the major American wars of the Twentieth Century, in order to provide a context of understanding for the present war on Iraq.  We have seen that, in behalf of their perennial ... More »