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Show BioHide BioAlan Homcy is a computer specialist residing in Cleveland, Ohio. He is a past columnist for Ether Zone. Alan Homcy can be reached at: [email protected]

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Do not be afraid! Love versus fear

Published 11y ago -

Life comes down to a decision that each of us must make.  We can choose the path of love or the path of fear.  Each of us makes this choice every day, on the freeway, on the job, and in our home, we choose. Do not tell me God doesn’t exist, because he alone gi... More »

American Christians: Open your eyes!

Published 12y ago -

There is a special place in hell reserved for those who do evil in the name of God.  The Christian right in this country honestly believe it is their duty to bring about the end of days, and hasten the return of Jesus.  They have the ear of those in the highes... More »

Open letter: To a 9/11 foot soldier

Published 14y ago -

To Whom It May Concern: For over 2 ½ years you have been a good soldier. You’ve kept your mouth shut. You have spent some of your hush money and invested the rest. You watch the 9/11 hearings, and you even visit these websites occasionally. Life is going prett... More »

Sick & tired of 9/11 lies: Our voices must be heard

Published 14y ago -

Image courtesy of tq2cute under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. I’m sick and tired of both Republicans and Democrats politicizing 9/11. They’re both equally guilty. I’m sick and tired of Republicans characterizing anyone who questions the official government story as being a... More »

9/11: One man’s observations

Published 14y ago -

Image courtesy of slagheap under CC BY-SA 2.0. By now, we all know the official government explanation of how the terrorist attacks occurred. In fact, we were told everything we needed to know within weeks of that pivotal day. We found hard evidence of who the... More »