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War and empire: The evil twins

Published 8y ago -

“Our culture is in sympathy with the devil because it resents the claims of the sovereign God of Scripture. As a result, it will stomach any absurdity in the name of education; it will continue to tolerate the destruction of its children morally and inte... More »

My way or his way: Blessings or cursings

Published 8y ago -

Frank Sinatra made the song “My Way” famous. His perfect rendition sticks in the mind and the similarity between the song and his life is unmistakable. Though Frank is gone, his version of the song is still popular as is the practice. Repenting in ... More »

Cannabis sativa: Grass, pot, weed, hashish, boo…

Published 8y ago -

In spite of rhetoric to the contrary, the American government loves war. One of its favorites has been the endlessly unsuccessful War Against Drugs. Marijuana is an enemy in that war. In America, it is illegal to possess the flowers, buds, or leaves of the “ca... More »

Fantasy in America lies accepted as truth

Published 11y ago -

Racial integration in the United States has been a dismal failure just as those who arranged it knew it would be. Blacks and Whites have never been comfortable together. Blacks bused into White schools and Whites bused into Black schools segregate into their o... More »

Controversy in the military: Will anything change?

Published 12y ago -

“New weapons require new tactics. Never put new wine into old bottles.” Heinz Guderian, a German officer who challenged der Fuhrer. He grew up in Pittsburgh in a working class, uneducated family. His father owned a bar. Leaving behind the drinking and brawling... More »

A gentle critique: Roots are the source of life

Published 12y ago -

Christianity is rooted in Law. Throwbacks to the days of yore, who crusade under the banner of Reformed Christianity are often accused of being rude, crude, and critical. Their direct, often tightly reasoned critiques upset the calm pietism that pervades Ameri... More »

Free speech: Under attack by powerful interests

Published 12y ago -

“Some of the press who speak loudly about the freedom of the press are themselves the enemies of freedom. Countless people dare not say a thing because they know it will be picked up and made a song of by the press. That limits freedom.” Geoffrey Fisher, forme... More »

The diversity demon: A house divided

Published 12y ago -

The New World was initially settled by Reformed Christians of English origin. Though there were differences, both the Pilgrims and thePuritans adhered to the Reformed Faith. As the colonies established themselves they became a magnet for Christian groups with ... More »

Blackwater USA onward christian soldiers

Published 12y ago -

Did you know that the United States government is spending billions of dollars hiring paramilitary troops being used in clandestine operations as well as in the War in Iraq and even on our own soil? It appears that the French Foreign Legion has had children as... More »