Are we safe enough yet?: How about tanks in the streets?

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Does the American public feel “safe” enough yet, with the military at the airports, federalized security workers at airport checkpoints and armed air marshals on board some flights?  Do we feel safer because of the USA PATRIOT act’s swift passage that most of the folks who make up our Congress didn’t have time to read?Are we comfortable that our president will determine, at his sole discretion, who will and who will not be hauled off to a military tribunal?  Oh yes, I am aware that this applies only to aliens, non-US citizens, but once in the tribunal without access to a lawyer … without anyone even knowing you’re gone … to whom does a citizen detainee complain?

Do we feel safe yet?

Somehow neither the Islamics, most Christians, and most average Americans, just haven’t quite gotten the message that this conflict is the war of globalism vs. the sovereign state, the globalist agenda to silence dissidents, not just by conventional warfare but by strategic moves that alter the freedom of anyone to “duke it out” like people used to.  Only sovereign nations could do that, and if there was any doubt that sovereign nations, at the option of the United Nations, can no longer live, wage war or negotiate peace on their own terms, the Balkans quagmire should have ended all doubt.  Neither can belligerent religious factions conduct their own wars.  I am not in favor of war, I hate it, but it is the nature of humans to fight, and this globalism is nothing more than the full repression of human nature as to freedom of speech, religion, national sovereignty and the right to rebel.

Do we feel safer without our constitutional protections?

Do we feel safer with the government taking over the land via environmentalist programs, land-grabs and full control of the means of food production, land use and the right of citizens to use their property as they see fit?  Private land owners are dangerous, because they assert their right to freedom.

The urban and land-use planners aren’t fiction, they’re here, they’re real, and city-dwellers just haven’t gotten the message.  The farmers have tried to tell them, but the cries of Klamath farmers and other landowners were drowned out by the sirens, the speeches, and then the bombings following the September 11th act of terrorism.

If someone will just stop and think, our “war on evil” is really a war against the rights of individuals to be individualistic.  No nation can have a civil war without UN intervention.  We’re not permitted by the UN and the globalists to have our own private wars or government rules (whether harsh or not) … and above all, the UN has declared that national sovereignty is eeee-vil!  Think then, about the agenda of the present “war”.

Do we feel safe yet?

How about if the military runs some tanks up and down the main streets of America’s cities and towns?  Will that make you feel better about our government protecting its citizens from terrorists?

The way Americans have frozen with fear and hastened to surrender their liberties to an administration that is a de facto globalist plutocracy, even Congress is beginning to wonder whether we’re going to come out of this “war” that they, the Congress didn’t declare, with any semblance of the America we had on September 10, 2001.

When Congress starts to worry, it’s time for the American citizens to really start worrying!

On October 16, 2001, just a little over a month post-WTC attack, we wrote an article entitled “The President … and The Emperor Within” that drew a lot of fire from Bush supporters who believe this Christian president can do no wrong.  Now some are beginning to question the actions of both the president and our Christian attorney general, John Ashcroft.

I’d like to go on record here as agreeing with Franklin Graham in his politically incorrect assessment of Islam, and with Chuck Baldwin and his November 20, 2001 assessment of where America stands under the present administration’s acts and orders.

But do we feel safe yet?

Will our citizens feel more secure with a Digital Angel implant or some other National ID, checkpoints at the borders between states and a few tanks scattered around the city square?  Oh that can be arranged, no problem.  All the government needs is something to scare our folks a little bit more, just enough to beg for these additional “protections”.

Then will you feel safe?  Or do you want the mandatory vaccinations and bio-suits also?

When will you feel safe?

Or will someone tell you .. and will you believe … what the government already knows?   People who are prisoners of fear never feel safe.

Our forefathers feared tyrants.  Would to God .. the God of the Bible .. that we did also.

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