Antony Sutton: A Giant Departs Not A Real Human Being

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Even many well-informed people today don’t know who Tony Sutton was. That invisibility was a function of his integrity. At his death a couple of days ago, he would have been world famous had he not told the truth. I once accused Tony of being a vacuum cleaner, not a real human being. For instance, readers of Western Technology & Soviet Economic Development, his massive three-volume study of Soviet military capability, know it nailed down the fact that the Red Army was made here in the United States. Not only did Tony tell where the equipment came from; he also included charts that listed the serial numbers on the engines, the vessels they were shipped in and a mountain of other information you didn’t really need to know. Once, in his apartment in Cupertino, California, Tony showed me the boxes that contained his research for the study. I don’t know exactly how many there were, because, not being a math major, I couldn’t count that high.

Another of his many books was National Suicide: Military Aid to the Soviet Union, which proved that the war in Vietnam was a fraud; that the U.S. government was financing both sides; that the military technology the Communists were using to kill our men originated in the United States and arrived in Hanoi via the Soviet arsenal in central Europe.

Despite his monumental research, Tony Sutton, like many patriots, at first could not understand why the West, and preeminently the United States, is financing its own destruction. Eventually, he found out and published his findings in his study of Skull & Bones. “These volumes will explain why the West built the Soviets and Hitler; why we go to war, to lose; why Wall Street loves Marxists and Nazis; why the kids can’t read; why the Churches have become propaganda founts; why historical facts are suppressed, why politicians lie and a hundred other whys.”

Among other things, Tony showed how Morgan bankers inserted illegal Communist gold into the United States and how Wall Street freed Communist Leon Trotsky, who went on to help subjugate Russia. Tony named the phony businessmen who were Socialists but masqueraded as champions of Free Enterprise. He demonstrated the bizarre connections between Communists in the streets and some of the richest, most powerful people in this country.

Because his research was so overwhelming, so devastating, the New York Times–“all the pravda that’s print to fit”–and other slime wrappers of the conspiracy for world government, didn’t bother trying to discredit it. The more they tried, the more it would have bitten them. So, they ignored it, somewhat akin to ignoring Mt. Everest or an 8.5 earthquake. Of course, it couldn’t be done and his revelations are the starting point of so much other work, including some of mine. Tony Sutton was the antidote to the shoddy research that regrettably turns up sometimes on the patriot side of the battle for America. He continues to give that side credibility.

Antony Sutton was born in London in 1925. He went to university there and in Germany and California. He was a professor of economics at Cal State and a Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution of Stanford. Tony could have spent his entire career at Hoover or some other university of higher leaning, secure in tenure, in recompense and honors. Instead, he told the truth and was cast adrift. For many years he had to live by his wits, which your Intrepid Correspondent, also a Literary Man, could tell you all about.

Modest to a fault because he had so little to be modest about, Tony chuckled and shrugged, but could not deny being a vacuum cleaner. But he was an immensely charming vacuum cleaner, witty, electric, a classic rendition of a Mayfair English gentleman, for whom I suspended my intense distaste for the English, our constant enemies from the beginning. (Yesterday, Cherie Blair, wife of Socialist PM Tony Blair, expressed her “sorrow” for the monsters who killed 19 children and others in Jerusalem.) Conversation with Tony gave me the impression that I was participating in a delightful art form that some future graduate student would catalogue.

Tony Sutton will be missed, but his achievement remains. I have no doubt that Tony is now having a tête-à-tête with God about geo-political conditions in Creation.

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