An ugly American (Bill Clinton?): Conspiracies and assassinations

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I have been pondering the events of this week (August 7, 2000), which I outlined in my article of August 9th (Joseph Lieberman, Next President?), and in that article I observed that through no fault of his own, Senator Lieberman could become the focal point for anti-Jewish/anti-Israeli terrorism, and it suddenly hit me that I might have accidentally stumbled onto something far more insidious and disturbing.It has long been my belief that Bill Clinton would stoop to any level, engage in any activity no matter how criminal and reprehensible, in order to stay in power. I believe he is a sociopath, and a danger to America every minute he remains in the White House. His behavior is absolutely unpredictable, and it is impossible to foresee what he may attempt to do between now and January 20, 2001. Clinton has already stated that he intends to “hold onto power until the last hour of the last day”, and that statement alone speaks volumes of how Clinton views his own political power. Without it? He’s like that proverbial fish out of water, gasping for air.

Now I believe that the Clinton Administration has been the most manipulative, the most Machiavellian in American history. And it’s no secret that the Clintons never forget, and never forgive those who cross them, those who oppose them. Now many Americans will refuse to consider the possibility that the President of the United States may have sanctioned murder in order to protect himself, but the fact remains that the number of people who ran afoul of the Clintons, or otherwise “got in the way” and turned up deader than a doornail, the sheer number of people who have met an untimely death flies in the face of any insurance actuarial table that can be referenced. The odds are simply astronomical that so many people could be run down by cars, become deathly ill, receive ill-advised injections of medicines which result in death, gunshots that are termed “suicide”, plane crashes, you name it, it’s happened and there is something very rotten about all of this. The naysayers and apologists for Bill Clinton will call this “vast-right-wing-conspiracy” talk, but the number of bodies which litter the trail of the Clinton’s rise to power say otherwise.So where are we going with this? Right to the campaign trail. Now I sincerely hope that I am 100 percent wrong about this, but I would not at all be surprised if America is suddenly subjected to a “terrorist” attack on Al Gore or Joseph Lieberman, maybe both. Remember we’re talking about a man who bombed an aspirin factory to divert attention from his own pending impeachment in the Congress.

This is a terrible thing to even speak of, I shudder at even the prospect of it, but let’s do what they do at the Think Tanks, where they run computer simulations of scenarios based on “what if” situations, to determine how world political events could lead to military situations with the potential for war. Consider this article a political “simulation run”:

Picture this: it’s 3 weeks before Election Day, and Senator Joseph Lieberman is campaigning in New York City with Hillary Clinton on one side, Al Gore on the other. Everything is red, white, and blue streamers, signs, happy faces, the typical campaign event. Suddenly from out of nowhere, the sound of automatic weapons fire. The Secret Service scrambles to shield the candidates, and while they manage to save Hillary Clinton, Al Gore and Joseph Lieberman are mortally wounded and transported to a hospital where tragically, they do not recover. The gunmen are also killed by Secret Service agents and law enforcement officers who return fire, and it is determined that the assassins are part of an extreme anti-Israeli terrorist cell that has been calling for ‘Jihad’ against Israel for years, and viewed the selection of Joseph Lieberman as the Vice Presidential candidate for the Democratic Party as a “signal” that Palestinian claims would be ignored, and that a permanent tilt towards Israel was in the making. At least that is the “official” explanation for the actions of the terrorist assassins. But now I ask you the reader: where do YOU think those hypothetical assassins might come from, and who do you think might bankroll them?

What next? Bill Clinton goes on national TV to announce that he is indeed, proclaiming a state of national emergency, as it is clear that the American political process itself is under attack, and that he has directed the Secret Service to place the Republican candidates into “protective custody” for their own safety, as no-one can be sure where the next terrorist attack could take place. Hillary Clinton is hustled back to Washington, D.C., where she quickly learns to campaign from the White House Rose Garden, surrounded by the tightest security ever seen. She announces that she must reluctantly campaign from a United States Information Agency television studio “for the safety of the public” she seeks to serve in New York State. Oh yes…surprise! Congressman Rick Lazio is likewise taken into “protective custody” because there are “rumors” that he may have been targeted for assassination as well.

The results? After all regularly scheduled television programming has been suspended, to cover the ‘crisis’, Americans are treated to the sight of two state funerals with carefully controlled access to the media by any and all elected officials. The USIA, working in partnership with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, censors any commentary or information which could be “detrimental” to the national security. As for the Internet and all of the maverick news reporting websites like the Ether Zone, Drudge Report,,, World Net Daily, etc., you can expect to see lots of “Error 404 – Website not found” messages, because there is no way the Clinton Administration, as it enters it’s third term, will permit any kind of opposition whatsoever. It’s not going to happen. And you can bet that there will be a wholesale round-up of all privately owned firearms. If they were going to do it, they would do it under these circumstances.

Bill Clinton would probably follow up with an Executive Order which postpones the upcoming November elections indefinitely, “until such time that the safety and security of the electoral process and the candidates can be guaranteed”. Using classic Clinton double-speak, we can expect our tried and tested “El Presidente” to speak passionately about how he will not permit America’s electoral process to be degraded to the level of some banana republic where political candidates are routinely murdered, and he’ll claim that he’s “defending the Constitution”. Hillary Clinton will then put her Senate bid on hold, and you can bet she’ll be actively helping and enabling Bill in continuing to run the Executive Branch, just as she has for the past eight years. And remember, that among the many pre-signed Executive Orders which exist today, there is a provision for basically dissolving Congress, and sending every Congressional Representative and Senator home for a minimum of six months. That’s correct: under martial law, there is essentially no oversight of the President for six months, and Congress cannot “say him nay”.

So if we dare to look into the mind of Bill Clinton, why would he consider triggering such events? It’s really quite simple. Bill Clinton by means of his lawless behavior over the past eight years, has painted himself into a corner. He knows that the Bush/Cheney ticket is positioned to clean the Democrats clock, and clean it thoroughly. Clinton knows that an incoming Republican Administration is going to investigate just what exactly has been going on for the past eight years, and indictments are likely. This doesn’t even take into account the fact that Independent Counsel Robert Ray, successor to Kenneth Starr, has not ruled out the possibility that he might indict Bill Clinton and others after the Clinton Administration ends in January 2001.

Consider also, that Bill Clinton has readily admitted that he has “trouble” dealing with the fact that he is nearing the end of his political life, that he is slated to become a “former” President, a former President that won’t be able to draw the attention of the electorate as he is accustomed to. Add in the fact that he has been madly trying to establish some sort of “legacy” in the waning official months of his Administration, the latest efforts being the collapsed summit talks at Camp David between the Palestinians and Israel (with presidential counselor Chelsea Clinton aiding and assisting, of course).

So it all boils down to “who is expendable?” Here is what I view as a partial list of sacrificial lambs that Bill Clinton will have to throw on the fire if he is going to attempt the unspeakable:

Vice President Al Gore – Poor Dumb Al. He never “got it”, his job was only to support Clinton, not to take over the “machine”.

Attorney General Janet Reno – Janet was always expendable, she served her purpose, now it’s time for her to have an “accident”.

FBI Director Louis Freeh – Louie will have to unfortunately be with Janet when she checks out, because Louie hasn’t been a team player.

Senator Joseph Lieberman – Joe should have known he would eventually pay for publicly trashing Clinton about Monica Lewinsky.

Think it’s impossible? Except for the fact that they’re dead, I would encourage everyone to consult with former Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and/or Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster, just to name two of the unfortunate victims of “Arkancide” over the past eight years. For a list of additional victims of what has been darkly referred to as “Sudden Instant Death Syndrome”, I suggest you take a look once again at the infamous “Clinton Body Count” that has been recently updated right here on the Zone.

I might also suggest that readers would find it more than fascinating to read two books written by the late former Vice-President Spiro T. Agnew, both of them in my opinion, very illuminating:

“The Canfield Decision” (fiction – 1976), and “Go Quietly

… or Else” (personal memoir – 1980)

And a final note to the Secret Service, which no doubt reviews all sorts of articles on-line every day: this article is not at all intended to encourage or incite any act of violence towards any government official or candidate for office, and I would never condone such actions by any individual or group of persons. However, you (The Secret Service) might want to pay closer attention to the activities of your Boss, i.e., Bill Clinton. After all, you can never be too careful, now can you? Just ask the  people on the death list.

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