Africa and China’s future: Morals serve a purpose

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Last week I ran across an article that didn’t get much press or discussion. China has crossed the threshold into the realm of self-destruction again. Their first step in that direction was turning to communism. If you think back a little you’ll remember the ‘one family one child’ policy and the fall out from that. In a society such as theirs boys are worth more than girls so the girl babies had a tendency to disappear or die. The end result of this is that there will be a lot of young men over there with very few young ladies. There simply won’t be enough to go around. This will drive China to put them to use for things such as wars in order to get them out of the country. If China doesn’t decide on that course of action there will still be a lot of very frustrated young men over there. More than likely this will lead to an explosion of young men pursuing alternative lifestyles, not that I view it as an alternative lifestyle. I’m just being nice here.

That is but one of their many problems. The threshold that they have crossed is that the majority of their AIDS cases are now heterosexual and not from intravenous drug use. They are now on the same threshold that Africa once stood on. Africa has had entire regions almost completely die out and it didn’t start to spiral out of control until it crossed over into the mainstream of their society. Only one nation in Africa was able to turn the tide in a noticeable manner and it was through the reinstatement of morals and a ‘just don’t’ attitude. Everyplace where they have tried handing out needles and condoms it has done nothing but make the stupid behavior seem safer. The end result has always been the same thing: No tangible results.

This is a direct result of China’s fall under communist rule. Anything or anyone who even dares to whisper a word regarding morality or anything having to do with religion is doomed. Or to use the words of one of my favorite left-wing buffoons, “Everything that should be up is down and everything that should be down is up.” I know it just seems so wrong to use Gore’s words in a situation where I’m trashing the country whose money he carried so reverently to the DNC election coffers. I don’t know what made me bring that up so close to the election.

Some will say that it is the westernization of China that is causing this AIDS epidemic in China. It will of course be our media that says that. They also said that about Africa. But since China has remained a closed society it will be a little more difficult to swallow this time. It will be like all of us believing that the only openly gay Democrat in Congress (Studds, who admitted to having sex with a 17 year old page) just died. I think it was the NYT that tried to pass that fable off as fact. They seem to have forgotten Barney Frank and his openly gay life and DNC membership. But what do facts or reality matter to the New York Times. I don’t know why I mentioned that either. But since I did, I will also mention that Studds didn’t need to step down because we’ve all learned not to expect anything better of a Democrat anyway.

Eventually China is going to have to quit being so hostile to missionaries. They are going to have to admit that there is a purpose to all of those morals that get in the way of a good, but stupid and shallow, time. They have created quite a mess in their country by telling people how many kids to have, where they will work, how much they’ll make, etc. They have stripped those people of any personal responsibility and these are the consequences.

There is something far more fundamental to the whole argument though. First how did AIDS become the serious problem that it is? There are three vectors that produce victims. Those are blood transfusions, immoral spouses and birth. There are two primary vectors that affect only volunteers. Those are indiscriminant sex and drug abuse. As it is with those who make up a nation, so it is with nations. China is on the way to reaping a windfall of misery.

I feel for those who live there.

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