A lesson on political pollution: (Or root rot) Part II

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Last week I wrote about the new and open markets and what the affects are on Taiwan. I called many of the stock-holders in this country a bunch of intellectual indigents. The reason for that follows.

As Mainland China opened up for trade with the United States many of the stockholders flocked to people or companies investing in the Asian marketplace and to those companies moving their work to the cheaper labor in Mainland China. They did this in spite of the fact that much of the labor is slave labor in Laogis. They also disregarded the fact that China made more than one comment about nuking us over Taiwan if we interfered. Of course they were cautious in how they threatened us. If I remember correctly, the statement was something like “I doubt America would be willing to trade Los Angeles or one of their other cities for Taiwan.” I was grateful that Clinton responded quickly to that comment. That is until I saw what the response was. We moved our ships away from China, not closer, so we wouldn’t rile them. But that wasn’t too surprising really.

Charlie Trie was working diligently to get a grip on Billy in Little Rock and apparently managed to get a real good grip. Clinton was quite often called their man in the White House. I was one of the people that called him that. But that isn’t really important. The important part was that the Chinese called him that. It was through the DNC that numerous Chinese campaign donations were infused into the political race of   ’96. During that campaign approximately one fourth to one third of the money was given to the GOP through the back door. Because that discovery was made during the attempt to investigate the illegal Chinese/DNC campaign contributions, that investigation blew up in the GOPs’ face. Every time the subject was brought up, Bubba would point to Haley Barbour and say he was the one that got into trouble for Chinese donations. That was why that money was given to them in the first place. For Barbour’s part in that I have been unwilling to give him my vote for Governor in Mississippi. The Republicans would have emerged victorious if they would have prosecuted each and every one of the people who took that money. Many people would say they were in bed with the Chinese but that really isn’t the case. A couple of their people got drunk one night and woke up next to them, tried to chew their arms off to escape without waking them, but it was too late. It had been a trap all along. I suspect the Chinese still have those pictures tucked away just in case they need them. The GOP was too cowardly to go after the guilty who had ensnared them in this trap.

All of these things were happening and investors still shifted their money to the East. The public went nuts over the cheaper products even though they were made with slave labor. Where are Jackson and Sharpton on this? Well they are stuck in some goofy time warp and blaming us for enslaving them even though they were never slaves, no one alive has ever owned slaves and no one alive has ever been a slave — unless of course they are living in China or the Sudan.

I have already shown what has happened to the country that we engaged and what they are doing regarding us. What happened to the countries our genius investors abandoned for cheaper products and fatter bottom lines? They have been plunged into economic chaos and have become recruiting dens for Al Qaeda and various other types of communist insurgents. Those who moved their money over to China for the cheaper labor are all patting themselves on the back for having the fore sight to move away from those areas which are now a complete mess.

Lest they forget..It is completely their fault this has happened in the Philippines, South Korea and numerous other places. They caused those countries to implode and descend into chaos. Money is power and they left a power vacuum the Communists are always happy to fill. This is one of the reasons we are not loved too dearly abroad. It is the fickle self centered, absent of vision abandonment for which we have become famous. We the public support that with our purchases and stock investments. Stop now while there is time.

What will happen here when we all find ourselves without jobs because everything has been sent overseas? Will these same people move to China and say “At least we had the foresight to get out of there!”

Here I must confess to an egregious error in Part 1 from last week. I credited Stalin with a quote by Lenin. At this point however I do have to say all the commies look the same to me.

Lenin realized after watching the workforce in Russia that because the proletariat had found a vastly improved life through Capitalism, they would never revolt against their Bourgeoisies masters on their own and would simply negotiate for a bigger slice of cash. It was for that reason he and a few Communist elitists became the master  Priesthood of hatred and jealousy to foment the prerequisite revolutionary self  justification in the workforce for what they needed to gain power. This is a pattern that  has played out globally and untouched due to cowardly concessions by the ignorant  and selfish. America is the next place they want to carry out this same game. An angry unemployed workforce provides the fertile ground for revolution. And now just one more Lenin quote: “The point of the uprising is the seizure of power; afterwards we will see what we can do with it.”

Visionaries? Hardly! Power mad is all they are. They have no real vision or desire except for power. Remember that when they try to tell you how miserable you are.   When they start that, make sure you go through your home if you still have one and   take an inventory to see how much Chinese crap you own. Beat yourself before you beat anyone else. That’s personal responsibility. And before you end up tasting the boot heel of the demagogues who will come to finish us off, let them taste your boot heel. When they cry out over their right to free speech..push the boot in a little harder!

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