A cad, his staff, his wife and the fixer Gary Condit: The cold case file

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Congressman Gary Condit has been interviewed for the fourth time by law enforcement officials, but, as is being reported by Niles Latham of the New York Post, investigators “were not allowed” to ask of him details regarding the watch case which he placed into a trash can in Alexandria, Virginia, with the assistance of his driver, senior aide Michael Dayton, just hours before FBI were to search his Adams-Morgan apartment, July 10th. It must be concluded, then–since this fourth investigatory meeting with Condit was anticipated by FBI sources at being five (5) hours in length, but lasted barely 60 minuites–that Abbe Lowell, Condit’s attorney, advised his client against answering any among that line of questioning; or else, since Condit has not yet been declared a suspect, terminated the interview prematurely. Whatever the case, the Congressman is not cooperating, as is the feeble spin thrust about by his PR lackey Marina Ein (who, by the way, has never met her benefactor; & we, the American public, still have no answers as to who might be paying Mr. Lowell and Ms. Ein and others who assist in this grotesque obfuscation of truth).

Nor do we know how a destitute Darrell Condit, the fugitive ex-con, who had supposedly not been seen since 1996, since skipping bail in Broward County, Florida, on a drug charge, could afford the price of one John Sale, an attorney who worked in the Watergate investigation. Attorney Sale did say that his client (Darrell Condit) had not been in contact with his Congressman brother for around a year, prior to his recent capture, but did not say whether the Congressman–as is his duty, to police and to the taxpayers–reported any contact between himself and his brother between 1996 (the year of Darrell’s ostensible disappearance) and 2000 (the last time, according to Mr. Sale, Darrell Condit had contact with his brother).

No, it will be necessary to charge Gary Condit with murder or with being an accessory to murder, before charges of “obstruction of justice” can be applied to him. And as this is still a missing persons case, and we have no crime yet declared, Condit has committed no “obstruction” of justice per se. Nevermind that the two hour “constituents” meeting in which Condit is purported to have been engaged, between 3:00-5:00pm on May 1, has now been downgraded to a “telephone meeting” by his Congressional staff (translated: nobody is on-record as having seen Mr. Condit between 1:00-5:00pm, May 1–the Michael Isikoff/Newsweek-issued “scoop” that had Vice President Dick Cheney serving as alibi for Condit, thankfully, did not stick, all 25 minutes of it…); further, until the case becomes officially one of a criminal nature, that senior aide Michael Dayton is the same man who told another Condit mistress, Joleen Argentini McKay, over several phone calls bearing the same message, that she should “put the affair behind her,” or that “it would ruin her,” will also not avail prosecution; nor will, as it appears now, Mrs. Condit’s explosive phone conversation with Chandra Levy on or about April 24, when the Modesto housewife phoned Condit’s apartment, only to find Levy on the other end–when, initially, Mrs. Condit told D.C. police that she had never met or heard of Chandra Levy.

We have, again, a Congressman, his wife and his senior aide, each of whom have either attempted to destroy evidence and/or who have told very brazen lies to Washington D.C. police and/or FBI investigators. We have a Congressman who initially floated a terribly distracting report to the media and D.C. police, which has been, the face of later meetings with police investigators, retracted by Condit. According to the Washington Times, “Condit reportedly told police he broke off his “close friendship” with her April 28. One of his lawyers told reporters she then harassed the congressman by phone, calling five times the next day and trying his pager some 20 times over two days. He portrayed her as `extremely disappointed and distraught, refusing to take no for an answer.'” Weeks later, Condit would would tell police and media that he never did break off the relationship, and that Ms. Levy showed no sign of being depressed.

But none of this is apparently enough for an arrest. In this Imperial-era in our nation’s history, it is clear that not even the “live boy or dead girl,” of which Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards joshed, is enough to get a politician in trouble.

But will he be charged with murder or of being an accessory thereto?

Legal novices insist that where there is no body, there can be no murder case…but Thomas Campano, a former Delaware District Attorney, would disagree, and is currently serving a life sentence for murdering his mistress Anne Marie Fahey in Delaware, her body–according to Campano’s brother–entombed in a cooler and at the bottom of a lake.

The greater question is, therefore: Does the FBI (whose yearly operating budget comes from Congress) have the mutt for to make Condit a suspect? And as, as FDR was so fond of saying, “Nothing in politics happens by accident,” we should know the Agency’s strategy by the man it appoints to lead the Levy investigation.

Enter agent Bradley J. Garrett, the FBI’s lead investigator in the “Levy case”:

–The first thing you should know about this gentleman is, that he was the prosecution’s closing witness in the case against Mir Aimal Kasi, the Pakistani national who offed two CIA agents at an intersection in front of the Company’s Langley headquarters, and was the FBI agent dispatched to Pakistan for the safe return of Kasi back to the United States, and who is also credited as receiving Kasi’s confession of said crime. Involvement in such a case, at minimum, reveals Mr. Garrett’s “sensitivity-training” to things related to National Security.

–The second thing you should know about this gentleman is, that he participated as a lead FBI investigator into the “suicide” of Clinton White House legal counsel Vince Foster. (An article fromWorldNetDaily… “Foster’s body was found July 20, 1993, at 5:50 p.m. near the northwest corner of Fort Marcy Park, Va., approximately 700 feet from the parking lot. The body was found in a heavily wooded area lying on one of the earthen berms of the Civil War fort. The official cause of death — touted from the outset as a suicide — was declared due to a gunshot fired into the mouth; the weapon, said to be a black 1913 Army Colt .38 Special six-shot revolver, was said to have been found in Foster’s hand.” It is significant, therefore, to note that x-rays of the initial autopsy of Vincent Foster’s corpse are listed by Federal coroners as now being “missing”; and that no one in the Foster family recalls there being a firearm of that model or appearance anywhere, ever, in their residency; and that, also, there was no blood found on the forearm (cuff, sleeve, wrist) of Vincent Foster, such as would have been elicited naturally (they call it “blowback”) by a self-inflicted gunshot held close inside the soft-palate.)

–The third thing you should know is, that Garrett served as lead FBI investigator into the case of Congressional intern Mary Caitlan Mahoney, who was murdered by gunshot at a Georgetown D.C.-area Starbucks coffeehouse, a triple-homicide which–according to an Intelligence source close to the FBI investigation of the Mahoney slaying, who wishes to remain anonymous–was “solved” by the same agent Brad Garrett after a suspect was kept awake for three days, his confession being forced under extreme duress. Not so curiously, perhaps, is Monica Lewinsky’s statement to Vernon Jordan, in her first meeting with the powerful Clinton White House advisor, as saying, “I don’t want to end up like Caity Mahoney” (source: Craig Karpel, publisher The Colby Intelligence Letter, 1/23/98).

And that is really all you should need to know–unless you’d like to know that, according to investigative journalist John Drake, of the Washington Post, in roughly the same hours as the FBI were anointing Mr. Garrett the lead role in the Levy investigation, Washington D.C. Police Department chief Ramsey was removing (read: relieved of his role on the case) the lead forensics investigator in D.C. PD’s investigation of Condit’s apartment. We wonder what will come of the blood specks on Condit’s venetian blinds or the DNA evidence that was reportedly found “all over the carpets.” Lastly, this inquiring mind would like to know if it is common for a U.S. Congressman to not have a computer in his apartment; and if Condit had ever had a computer in his Adams-Morgan apartment, and, if so, when that computer was removed from his residence and why?

(And while I’m at it, there is something else also to consider. A NewsMax forum poster had this to say about the May 1st phone records of Gary Condit: “From LeBoutillier’s july 25th article: 3) A NewsMax reader offers a unique investigative idea: Check Chandra’s and Condit’s phone records from May 1 on. If Condit stopped calling her on May 1–several days before her parents told him she was missing–then perhaps he knew she was no longer reachable. That would be a clue to what he knew.)

This case is less about Gary Condit than it is about National Security, as Congressman Condit sits on three (3) Intelligence Committees and subcommittees in his ostensible duties on the taxpayers’ dole.

What we will have, here, should a D.C. grand jury fail to be convened for the purpose of indicting Gary Condit and/or his wife for the murder of Chandra Levy, is the massaging of those sensitive regions in a diseased national character which need, occasionally, by the Powers That Be, to be massaged. We will, should Condit and/or his wife not be charged for murder, see a formal separation between the ruling class and those who support it, fiscally. And it will, then, be the duty of those who support Congress (the taxpayers) to withhold all revenue “due it,” until such time that the shareholders of this Republic are satisfied that there is, in fact, satisfactory representation occuring in Washington D.C.

At this point, reports emanating from the National Enquirer and Globe tabloids, that Condit brutally assaulted two 15-year old girls in 1986, and that that case-file is now also missing, the case-worker having fled for her life to Alaska, and that Condit’s brother Burl is none other than a sergeant at city of Modesto Police Department–a man who was stripped of his rank in 1994 for having failed to report the purchase of eleven (11) firearms from a grey-market police department sales auction outlet, and who, when ordered to return the weapons, could produce only four (4)–should elicit a chuckle and a yawn.

In the face of such a tawdry State of Affairs, We The People are no longer in control of our own Government; as such, and “When in the course of human events….”, we owe it to ourselves to hold another Boston tea party.  

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