A 70 foot national bungee jump with a 100 foot cord – Part IV & V

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The Ron Brown case looks equally as interesting but I will not belabor that in this article, except to say that he died at a time when he was under investigation and the person responsible for the beacon used to guide the plane he was on committed what I, like many others, called ‘Arkanside’ the next day, over an alleged problem with his wife. In case nobody remembers, the plane Ron Brown was on sort of ‘missed’ the runway by quite some distance. Ron Brown also died in April of 1996. What a month.

One of the more defining moments in the Clinton Administration, other than the Chinese money, which was so prevalent in the campaign of ’96, was the Monica Lewinsky trial. Since the media displayed the attention span of an armadillo it is hard for the American public to be blamed for not understanding that the trial was over perjury, not sex.

When Packwood was forced to resign in disgrace in 1995 the Clinton administration wanted to show how ethical they were. They immediately went to work passing a law that allowed the use of Civil Court testimony in Federal Sexual Harassment cases. It was, of course, put in place to remove Republicans. Unfortunately for them, the next time the law was actually used it was for the purposes of impeaching Bill Clinton. In an attempt to show Bill Clinton’s tendency towards having flings with subordinates he was asked during the Paula Jones trial if he had at any time had an affair with Monica Lewinsky. He said that he hadn’t.

Once the devil in the blue dress gave up her dress to Ken Starr the party was over for Bill Clinton. He had been caught out in a lie and attempted to redefine the word ‘is’ in (h)is own self-defense. That didn’t play very well with either the people or Congress. He was ultimately impeached but not removed from office. Interestingly enough the Special Counsel Law finally went away. The Democrats had also put that law in place, but that was after the Watergate hearings. Congress enacted the Ethics in Government Act in 1978 as a post-Watergate reform, creating the independent counsel process to prevent the conflicts of interest that develop when Attorney Generals investigate the Presidents who put them in office.

During the impeachment hearings we were also treated to a spectacle provided by the publisher of ‘Hustler’ Magazine. He put out an advertisement requesting good juicy blackmail information and purchased it so he could use it against the Republicans involved in the impeachment hearings. It was a rather disgusting and open display of leftwing heavy-handed tactics and Larry Flynt got away with it. Bill Clinton however did not get away with it. (H)is legacy is (h)is impeachment. He will never be able to escape that.

As the impeachment began to ramp up to full speed there was a problem in Yugoslavia. The problem was caused by an unreported Iran scandal of Clinton’s own that made the one the Democrats tried to pin on Reagan look like a joke. After the Bosnian war, which we still aren’t completely out of, Clinton pushed an arms embargo against the Moslems in the area. The locals were still a little peeved at the genocide they had been handing out in spades to them. The Moslems were now incapable of getting weapons and ammunition so it was their turn in the barrel. Before I continue here I would like to add one thing which anyone who has spent any time over there will agree on: There aren’t many real victims there, but there are a great many uncivilized volunteers.

When the Moslems started to get wiped out it was obvious they needed weapons to defend themselves. Clinton couldn’t break his arms embargo after having been so noisy about Reagan, but he did allow Iran to sneak weapons to the Moslems. The man who set up that deal was also his choice for DCI (the head of the CIA). When all of this came out, the poor guy had to fall on his sword for Caligula on the Potomac, as Oliver North likes to call him. If I wrote what I call him this wouldn’t be published. (*6)

The end result was Iranian influence where we really didn’t need it. It was in an already unstable area and the Iranians usually don’t add to the stability factor one bit. This formed the KLA, which needed money to pay for their new weapons addiction. They earned their money by selling drugs in Eastern Europe. Then the revolutionary talk started and the rest is almost history. Yugoslavia got a little tired of the crime in their country and started running the KLA and Albanians out of their country. Clinton, using NATO, attacked Russia’s ally and, if I remember correctly, we hit about twenty tanks, a few power facilities, a television station and a Chinese Embassy. We also managed to lose an F117 stealth fighter, which was sold to the Russians so they could reverse engineer it. The reason they managed to get one of them is they were forced to fly in a particular corridor, instead of what common sense dictates, which are different points of ingress and egress so the enemy can’t plan for their counterattack. That’s what happens when politicians run a war instead of the ones actually fighting it.

The end result was the Russian and Chinese people who had been at odds with their governments and very close to revolting were suddenly behind their governments completely. Bill Clinton had a little trouble getting the UN to back his attack plan and ended up using NATO. NATO had always been accused by the Soviets of being an aggressor force, and Bill Clinton helped them out in that propaganda game quite handily.

Oh, Did I mention that the bombing started at a particularly important time in the impeachment hearings? Isn’t that odd? Not really if you look at everything else he did.

But enough talk about the other side of the planet. How about discussing this side of the world and what was happening here. See? His little war even managed to distract me for a few moments.

On this side of the world in spite of his war, Bill Clinton was still given his legacy. The unfortunate part was that he wasn’t removed from office. It sent an unsavory message regarding honesty, abuse of power and justice. What had been a simple case of perjury and obstruction of justice was magically transformed by the media into his own ‘personal business’. He managed to duck his own law. He showed that his laws were for other people. He even managed to make it sound as though he had been battling for our rights and the safety of the Constitution. That was the amazing part, and many people bought into that line. Even now I still hear it from time to time. I have told such people quite often that I hope they find themselves or their spouse working for someone just like Bill Clinton and the guy pulls the same game with them and gets away with it. I usually get an indignant look. I apparently don’t understand the finer points of their thinking. The sad part is that neither do they. It was okay because it was somebody else that suffered, not them personally.

After the impeachment, American companies began selling what should be national secrets to the Chinese increased. They got in trouble of course, but it was too little too late as always. That was one of the hallmarks of the Clinton Administration. They seemed to operate under the belief that it is easier to ask forgiveness than it is to ask for permission. By the time the Clintons left office the Chinese had already indirectly threatened to nuke Los Angles over our support of Taiwan. The sad part is that until Clinton had been in office it was a hollow threat. By the time he left office the Chinese could actually hit the United States with multiple warheads. They bought that ability from us.

The Los Alamos labs lost their secrets during the numerous fires in New Mexico.  They were later discovered lying behind a copy machine. Yeah, right. We lost the crown jewels of our defense and little noise was made about it. There were many other interesting things that happened regarding the Chinese. The Panama Canal became Chinese operated under the Clinton administration. The Panamanians begged us to at least rent it from them because they needed the money and didn’t want China there. China got it anyway. Clinton was going to go to the ribbon cutting ceremony but decided it would draw unwanted attention to yet another little post impeachment spanking he was laying on America. But that wasn’t all that happened under him regarding the Chinese. By the time he left office the Chinese had built the largest cargo container handling facility in the world very close to us. This facility is capable of handling the largest civilian and military cargo jets in the world. That means it can handle just about anything. Do you have any idea where that facility is? Probably not. Your media isn’t doing its job. It is in Freeport, Bahamas… Right off the coast of Florida.

Richard Poe of newsmax.com wrote a very interesting article on ‘Chinagate’ called “The Idiots Guide To Chinagate”. It appeared in the Tuesday, May 27, 2003 issue of Newsmax.com. Many people knew there were a few donations that shouldn’t have happened, but they don’t realize what was lost as a result of these dealings.

Here are a few examples of what was in Richard Poe’s article:

He had a nice little Clinton quote that should chill the reader’s blood. “China will likely replace the USA as world leader. It is just a matter of time.” This came from a Washington Post article. He also added that Clinton had personally done more to build China’s military strength than any man on earth.

Richard Poe added ‘Bill Clinton has given them a good start.’ (*7) This is one reference that one should read fully. You will get and understanding of the Chinese and what they’re thinking. Recent history will take on new meaning as well. http://archive.newsmax.com/archives/articles/2003/5/26/214938.shtml

I would like to add a personal note here. Most of the treason is taking place on Wall Street it seems. I do hope that steady flow has been stopped. I’m not enough of an optimist to think it has.

I’m sure you noticed Richard Poe ended up talking about Ron Brown in there again. I remember the film where Bill Clinton was laughing it up after the funeral with some of his friends until he saw a camera pointed at him and then started to fake a good cry. He apparently thought the person taking the video would edit out the laugh for him. He was so used to the media covering for him he probably thought it was a given.

You have to admit that it is an unlikely coincidence for Colby and Brown to ‘buy the farm’ in the same month. Gosh there it is, yet another look in depth at one of the names on the Clinton body count list.

The test of any theory is ‘can it predict?’ I think we can all agree on that. In 1998 a very interesting thing occurred. Worldnetdaily.com had an article that flatly stated they had been given an intelligence leak about an intelligence intercept of a communication from the Russians to the Iraqis. In that leak the Iraqis were told to refuse the UN access to anything and the UN would leave.  It would be all over for the inspections they had initially agreed to at the end of the first Gulf War. Three days later it happened and our press was yet again silent. It begs the question:  How did the Russians know this would be all it took for the United States to quit pushing for Iraq to live up to its treaty. Machiavelli once said that almost all treason begins with adulterous behavior. If you don’t think that is a true statement you need to start at the beginning of this series of articles and read them again. (*8)

I haven’t said much in this article about Iraq but that is because I wanted to save it for last. Iraq was an endless cycle and constantly present, so it became nothing more than background noise. There was a book written by Lt. Col. Robert “Buzz” Patterson called ‘Dereliction of Duty’. For those of you who have no idea who that man is, I’ll tell you. He was the man in charge of the ‘magic football’. That is the device that has the nuclear launch codes. He had to be at Clinton’s side at all times. He wasn’t too terribly impressed with the man, to say the least. In his book he detailed a President that was more interested in photo-ops than doing his job. He shows the real reasons behind some of the aborted attempts at dealing with Saddam Hussein. They were quite different than what was reported.

Gary Aldrich also wrote an excellent book called “Unlimited Access”. In that book he gives an insider’s view of various Presidents, and most specifically the Clintons. He was the top cop, as many called him, and was the FBI’s man in the White House. After the Clintons came along he retired and wrote his book at the first opportunity he had. The Clintons were more than he was willing to tolerate. He demonstrates many times that the Clintons were arrogant and had no use for the little people who were making it happen for them. The little people I’m talking about are the people on the Clintons staff. For them to stop and say thanks a photo-op had to be in the offing. He also showed they had no regard whatsoever for security in any way…except for their own. There is a fair amount of information in that book regarding the poor first lady Hillary and how she treated people. As read that book I began to wonder what Bill Clinton would have been like if he had married someone nice instead.

Christopher Ruddy, in the article I used earlier regarding William Colby, had an interesting and chilling quote: ‘I recall Huey Long [one-time Governor of Louisiana] was once asked if he thought America would ever become fascist. He responded, “Of course it will, but we’ll call it anti-fascism.”

It is a sad thing that the President of the United States who finished the last century was the most polarizing event we have had in this country since the Civil War. It bears witness to the dangers of factionalism we were warned of in the Federalist Papers. It also speaks of the dangers the ship of state is heading for. There are rocky and hazardous shores ahead.

Many people in the Clinton administration and the media refer to the eighties as the decade of selfishness. They were off by ten years – it was the nineties. If I had to pick one thing that I believe sums up the Clinton administration I would have to draw a parallel that is in sync with those times. I thought about it and decided that I have a good parallel regarding their ability to plan and think ahead. I would have to look to bungee jumping, which became quite popular during the Clinton Administration’s rule. To me the entire experience for the country was like doing a seventy foot bungee jump with a one hundred foot cord.

I thought that I should say something about the good that came from the Clinton Administration so here it is. The silent majority started to pay attention and was no longer silent. If this article had been about only the good that came from the Clinton Administration/Regime it would have been short indeed.

As I was completing this article Sandy Berger was just starting to admit to sneaking classified documents out of the reading room where he was preparing for the 9/11 commission hearings. Some of those documents seem to have completely vanished. That reminds me of some blank tape Nixon had. The Clinton stain is starting to remind me of the pink stain in ‘The Cat InThe Hat’. Where is little cat ‘Z’ when you need him?

To those who deny any bias in the media I have to say one thing. Rathergate. Somebody emailed a picture to me of Saurons dark tower falling in ‘The Return of the King’ The eye of Sauron had been artistically replaced with the CBS eye.


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