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Having trouble getting troops?: Shanghai ’em

Published 4y ago -

“The military’s desperation is showing,” writes syndicated columnist Robert Koehler. “None of the four branches is meeting recruitment goals as this brutal, unpopular war drags on, and the recruiters, who are under heavy pressure to snare two warm bodies a mon... More »

1860’S vs. Iraq?: Let’s go back

Published 4y ago -

Let’s go back to the 1860s when America was fighting a war; north vs south. We had a Constitution and the south felt that they had the right to decide for themselves how to run their states. They wanted their freedoms to own slaves. This was legal at the time ... More »

Republican religious conservatives: What went wrong?

Published 4y ago -

I have some serious questions for the new Republican Religious Conservatives. Is your movement to change the laws within the federal government really based on legislating your moral values or is it merely a power tool for control? What was taught to us in Sun... More »

Drowning with the authoritarians: Mind numbing reality

Published 4y ago -

Image courtesy of Morning Calm Weekly Newspaper Installation Management Command, U.S. Army under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. One thing we know and understand about authoritarians is that their solution for every problem that develops in a society will be a military one. ... More »