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Supreme justice: The law

Published 3y ago -

How blessed are those who observe His testimonies… Psalm 119:2 My last article concerned Justice, the platform of peace. This article is about Law, the platform of justice. God’s Laws are ultimately just. Obedience to them produces a just life and disobedience... More »

Best VPN for Saudi Arabia

Published 3y ago -

Saudi Arabia has quickly become known as one of the harshest countries in the world, implementing strict content restrictions and prosecuting citizens that break the government’s laws. If you live in Saudi Arabia, or are planning to travel there soon, you coul... More »

Government schools: Common core indoctrination

Published 4y ago -

Over the last half century, the public school establishment in America has achieved enormous results, if the intention was to dumb down the population. The term public is archaic, since the current age promotes an internationalist interdependency culture, wher... More »

Best VPN for Asia

Published 4y ago -

Summary: Asia is home to some of the most beautiful backdrops and landscapes you’re going to encounter, anywhere in the world. The natural beauty is unmatched. However, Asia is currently under siege by the local governments who are looking to lock down the int... More »

Which should we choose? Time to fish or cut bait

Published 4y ago -

Today’s society is increasingly more attuned to rejecting everything it didn’t invent or decree, than it is in weighing cause, effect and possible needed solutions to problems.  With the wonders of today’s high-tech-everything, we’ve so... More »

Best VPN for Streaming US Television Shows Abroad

Published 4y ago -

Summary: America is known for producing many top television shows, but some streaming services have begun blocking access to content to people who live outside the US. Due to copyright and licensing issues, content produced inside the United States has been re... More »

Best Proxy Software Services

Published 4y ago -

Summary: Whenever you connect to the internet, your connection is opened to the risk of hackers taking it over and intercepting the sensitive information you’re sending and receiving. You also run the risk of being placed into invasive surveillance programs th... More »