By: Gordon Bishop

In unjustly suspending law enforcement, non-citizen Barack Hussein Obama appears to have violated his Presidential Oath of Office by which he swore to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

Faced with a grave charge of tyrannical disloyalty and treasonous dereliction, Obama has the right to be openly accused and fairly tried!

And faced with the possibility of a despotic threat potentially fatal to our nation's self-government, we the people of the United States have the right to hear the facts and reasoning that prove or disprove the charge, says Alan Keyes, Chairman of the Barack Hussein Obama be impeached for ordering an illicit form of amnesty that we the people rejected through Congress!

Our Founding Fathers anticipated such a Constitutional crisis and wisely provided impeachment as the only sure way to properly resolve it!

It is the duty of every citizen, especially every member of the U.S. Congress to follow the U.S. Constitution's provisions!

Obama repeatedly calls the Constitution outdated, saying its old-fashioned concepts hinder achieving the goals of his vision of "change"- goals which conform Marxist ideology. The patriotism of his motives are suspect because his actions seek to negate the Constitution, not to preserve or defend it.

Impeachment will carefully and scrupulously investigate Obama's actions to determine if "high crimes and misdemeanors" or abuses tantamount to treasonous crimes have been committed.

The Constitutional impeachment process will provide Obama the opportunity to offer evidence of the urgent and immediate threat that compelled him to suspend the Rule of Law to grant an otherwise illicit form of amnesty.

Obama will have the ideal opportunity to explain the use of such an apparently abusive executive edict during impeachment hearings.

Obama may be within his Constitutional right to pardon illegal aliens -- providing he can explain the imminent to our nation that forced him to take such dire action.

Unless Obama is impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives and tried by the U.S. Senate, he will not have a proper context to offer a defense, to make a case to substantiate with facts and reasoning the dangers he acted upon, and the damaging consequences that must follow from neglecting them.

Unless Obama is able to justify his action, he will be guilty of the unconstitutional consolidation of the legislative and executive powers of government!

Usurpoing legislative power, Obama in effect sought to repeal an existing statute and substitute one of his own making!

According to the Constitution, laws are to be made solely by Congress, not by the Executive Branch.

Amnesty is not the answer! Twice before our nation tried amnesty as a solution to   problems caused by illegal immigration, and it only caused more intruders than ever before to illegally violate our sovereign U.S. borders!

So where is our federal justice system on the issue?

Are they afraid of Obama, who is NOT a citizen of the United States. He's a fraudulent "president" and should be in prison for bankrupting America!

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Gordon Bishop is a national award-winning author, historian and syndicated columnist," is the recipient of 12 National and 15 State Journalism Awards, including New Jersey’s first "Journalist-of-the-Year" – 1986/New Jersey Press Association. He was presented with the Radio Club of America (RCA) "Broadcast Award" last November.  He is in Who's Who in America and Who's Who in the World. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

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Published in the January 13, 2013 issue of  Ether Zone.
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