By: Sean Scallon

There seems to be a new apocalyptic mindset settling into a certain segment the citizentry. I can see it in my neck of the woods. I read Letters to the Editor from various small town newspapers in northwest Wisconsin, old men writing about how Obama's re-election will mean not just the end of American, but probably the end of the World too. Par for the course I guess. Who knew the Mayans had predicted the Presidency of Barak Obama?

I see it in fellows I know who are small-town journalistic colleagues, men who I had thought of as not particularly political or ideological who rant and rage in their editorials about Obama. Incoherent expressions of cursing at a dying light and the warning of the fires which will soon upon us if Obama wins. I ask myself if I know such men anymore. Where were they the last eight years, the last 12, the last 16 and 20? Asleep at the wheel? At the casino? The country changed so much that someone named Barak Hussein Obama could be elected President and they still in a state of shock. They feel like fools and so they act indignant because nobody told them what was going on or they were told as was well until it wasn't.

Of course if you read Chronicles magazine during this time you would know and Obama's election was entirely predictable. But these are people who voted for Roosevelt, Truman or Kennedy or Johnson and then discovered Rush Limbaugh later in life. News comes slowly to them. One such fellow journalist I know of, who likes to reprint sections of Charles Krauthammer columns in his own column as a font of wisdom, I quite remember saying a week after Obama was elected that regardless of what differences we may have with the new President his election still proved that only in America could Obama get elected and it proves we are still the exceptional nation. Don't laugh; I seem to remember they were saying something similar Election Night on Fox News too.

A month ago there was quite a bit of lauding of one William Jefferson Clinton for giving a masterful convention speech. Here was arguably one of the most dishonest men ever to sit in the Oval Office, a dishonorable, cynical man who used the White House as one used the back seat of '60 Chevy, and yet now, like Reagan, he is the Great Communicator. Even "conservatives" were saying this. What happen to murderer of Vince Foster? The drug dealer of Mena? The Draft Dodger? The murderer of Ron Brown? The Rapist? The Impeached One?”   But as George Carlin once pointed out, liars usually win elections and become popular Presidents because "we like it when our leaders lie to us." The truth is just too painful.

Was this in the end just all rhetoric? The exaggerations of the apocalyptic made in another era? The typical fundraising pitch of Conservative INC. to make those who rage believe they are actually doing something by shelling out money they don't have? If Clinton's sins can be expunged and forgotten two decades after the fact, then is it an exaggeration to say Obama, as tedious and unremarkable an executive as has sat in the White House since Gerald Ford (and it's his supposed allies who say this), will be too long after he leaves the Presidency? Especially given the family life he leads is far more of a good example than "Bubba's' ever was and certainly better than some talk show hosts. And if Clinton and Clintonism are now fashionable and nostalgic, then why not vote for Obama's re-election since a good portion of West Wing and Cabinet are made up of Clinton allies and flunkies in the name of party unity? That way their screw-ups can continue well into the second term of Hilary's Administration!

Am I unreasonable to fear some good men may take their lives on Nov. 7 if Obama is returned to the White House, the way Hunter S. Thompson's despair got the best of him? Only because they've been encouraged to do so. They rage and fear because that's what the rest of us are doing. When we cannot provide them stout arguments or good candidates to beat back those in power and are left with "Obama's mother was whore!" 'Obama's father was really some black Communist writer!" "Obama is gay!" what are they to think of the nation and its people who vote to re-elect him? That it's no country for old men? For some it may well be, that's why they leave to go to Mexico. Drug war or no drug war, at least there are no Obamas I guess.

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Sean Scallon is a freelance writer and newspaper reporter who lives in Arkansaw, Wisconsin. His work has appeared in Chronicles: A magazine of American Culture. His first-ever book: Beating the Powers that Be: Independent Political Movements and Parties of the Upper Midwest and their Relevance in Third-party Politics of Today is now out on sale from Publish America. Go to the their website at www.publishamerica.com to order a copy. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

Sean Scallon can be reached at: pchsports@rivertowns.net

Published in the October 12, 2012 issue of  Ether Zone.
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