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Quite a few years back I was asked by the editor of a publication at Massachusetts School of Law to write a 10,000 word article on the Clintons. They apparently publish a series of articles every four months. This was one of the times when they didn’t publish anything. What they got back from the numerous writers they contacted on all of the people they wanted articles on was a bit too much. My article sat in my computers circuits gathering cyber dust until the liberals decided to blow the dust off of Bill Clinton and try to use him to help save the presidency of the one president who actually made Bill Clinton not look like the worst President in history…that would be Barak Hussein Obama. Somehow it seemed like a great idea to remind everyone who Bill Clinton and his wife really are. Hillary Clinton under Obama kept selling as much of our debt as she could to the Chinese until they quit buying. Not all of the links I provide work anymore, but some of you out there might be able to track down a cached file or two.

Bill Clinton:  The Prince of Hubris

We were promised ‘the most ethical administration in the history of America’ when Clinton took office. After the January 20th, 1993 Inauguration Ceremony when Bill Clinton took office Hillary reminded the Nation that we get both of them. She even went so far as to say “We are the President.” That is an issue that people need to keep in mind when they vote. Who a person is married to speaks loudly to who and what that person really is. We should be concerned with who the President’s wife is.

Quite often the reflection of the way a relationship will end can be found in its beginning. This relationship with the American public is a classic example of that view. Bill Clinton took office on January 20th. On February 26th foreign terrorists attacked the World Trade Center for the first time. Two days later on February 28th the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms assaulted the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas. This began one month and eight days into the administration. That day will forever be a rallying point for both nutcases and those who actually honor the law for several reasons. There was no need for an assault.  They could have nabbed their leader while he was out jogging and the local Sheriff even offered to deliver the warrant for the BATF. That offer was not accepted. One of their own agents warned them that the element of surprise had been lost as the assault was about to start. I was able to see some of the video of the court case. His superiors said they didn’t know what he meant when he said they had lost the element of surprise. The agent stood up and flatly stated that they were lying. His superiors looked more than a little upset.

The actual event actually seems to have had its roots in Little Rock, Arkansas. Joseph Farah wrote an article on September 3, 1999 regarding the Little Rock connection. Bill Buford, the agent in charge of the Little Rock office of BATF, was calling around the country making inquiries about the Branch Davidians. Buford was one of two senior planners for the raid. One has to ask why he was inquiring into a child abuse case in Texas when his office is actually in Little Rock, Arkansas. He was one of the injured agents during the raid and was the only one visited by Roger Altman, the top Treasury Department official. (*1)

The raid ended in a draw with the Branch Davidians allowing the BATF agents to leave in peace. They simply pulled back and later turned it over to the FBI. Before I go too much further on this topic I would like to point out that I didn’t have much sympathy for either side in this issue. The Branch Davidians were by far one of the strangest cults I have ever seen. They had a very messy belief system and an apocalyptic view of the world. However, they were not the type to go out and start trouble, either. Not that there weren’t some serious internal problems. Their views and beliefs and the numerous child abuse cases had landed them on the news a few too many times and they managed to attract the attention of someone. That someone lived in Little Rock, Arkansas, it appears.

The stand-off ended on April 19th, 1993 in a conflagration. The building was burnt to the ground and almost everyone in the building was killed. The claim was that they had burnt the building down themselves and that is the root of the angst the country still suffers from to this day. Gary Aldrich had a quote in his book called Unlimited Access. Bill Clinton looked over at him and asked “How do you like the way I covered for you guys today?” Gary Aldrich was the resident FBI agent at the White House. He was clearly not impressed with the words of Bill Clinton. He also had a bad feeling about what had happened at Waco. United States military equipment was used in the final stages of the assault. That equipment would have been provided by General Wesley Clark. (*3) Anybody who has really paid attention to the video of the building as the fires were going out will see that there was no effort to put the fire out. Quite a bit was pushed into the fire however. This is not the way a crime scene is to be handled. 

I feel sorry for the agents who were involved in this entire affair as well as for those who were in or who had loved ones in that compound. This is an issue that, like the Kennedy Assassination, will never be fully settled. It was also a defining moment for this administration. America was attacked seriously for the first time by foreign terrorists and two days later the government attacked a compound in Waco, Texas. To many people it looked like the Government was at war with the populace. This became a wedge that was beaten and driven in as hard and as far as it could go. People were not pleased with the answers they were receiving from regular media sources and they began to go elsewhere. Talk Radio and the Internet became the new source for information.

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