By: R.A. Hawkins

Arrogance and rudeness are training wheels on the bicycle of life -- for weak people who cannot keep their balance without them. -Laura Teresa Marquez

Saul Alinsky would be proud of his acolyte who now sits in the White House. He would also be embarrassed at the shortness of the cycle he describes in ‘Rules for Radicals’. In that book he details a methodology for taking down those who are in power and states quite plainly that eventually the same tactics would be used against them. What were his politics? The politics of change was how he described it. It only took two years for the tide to start to turn as evidenced by the 2010 elections. Obama has failed to recognize the shortcomings in the philosophy taught by Alinsky and the others he attached himself to. When you’re trying to climb the ladder you have a clear focus and a target that is easy to isolate. That’s why it works on the way up. You can isolate, marginalize and destroy with ease. Once you’re at the top it’s a different game and when you attempt to use those tactics against the population, you’re less like a laser and more like a claymore. When you try to marginalize any group of people there are ripples that flow through the nation and people begin to see the lie for what it is because those you’re attempting to marginalize are their neighbors. Alinsky tactics don’t work once you’re at the top. They end up marginalizing the user not the target. I’m grateful for his arrogance. How about another ‘shout out’ from the pulpit of The First Church of Emasculate Perceptions. (Liberalism)

He has threatened the media and said he’s watching them. He has told them to be mindful of their sources as he points to Never mind the fact that all Drudge does is put up links to articles other people have written. He’s so in touch with reality. He even threatened federal agents who have been trying to do their jobs. The Fast and Furious investigation is my favorite example of what this administration is like and it has all of the elements of this administrations arrogance on full display. Mike Vanderboegh was one of the men who pushed the story and got it out there in the open. Surprisingly he did it through a major media source and it wasn’t Fox either. Mike had agents who were talking to him and feeding him the facts until suddenly Holder and Obama said there was an ongoing investigation into the issue and anyone caught leaking that information would be investigated. Being told they would be the focus of another newer investigation silenced them. Fortunately the damage was already done and Darrel Issa is all over the cover up.

Obama made the really huge mistake of sealing records so that Issa couldn’t get to them. It’s an epic IQ fail on the scale of Watergate. One that will see him impeached and removed even if we get another Zombie Apocalypse general election with the dead voting him in once more. He’s had a lot of epic IQ fails, one of which was the undoing of the one thing Carter got right. Egypt and Israel sat down at Camp David and found peace. Obama undid that and in spite of that Carter will open the DNC Convention and fawn over Obama. Amazing really.

Back to that first epic IQ fail of sealing the records. The reason that was an epic fail was that there is no reason he would do that unless there are some pretty damning details in there. Not only that, but he painted himself into a corner when he made that move. Politics is unfortunately about favors and that’s where the “Politics makes strange bedfellows.” comment comes from. You won’t be able to shield your mind from the upcoming imagery.  How about a threesome….Holder, Obama and a high ranking drug cartel member who needs a special favor just as much as Obama and Holder do. I’m talking about Jesus Vicente Zambada-Niebla who was extradited to Chicago recently. His allegations are that Fast and Furious was about something completely different than what everyone thinks it is and that it’s been going on since 2004. The first part of that accusation is designed to create some spin and the last part is designed to do what this administration has done from the start, “Blame Bush!” They are trying to derail the investigation momentarily so they can claim that they had nothing to do with it in the first place and they inherited that too. Hard to explain why you used executive privilege then, isn’t it?  I suspect they have dug themselves an even deeper hole because of the panic factor. Take the lid off of this next layer they’ve put up there and you will find even more stink. Their timing was off and I think it was a simple case of Premature Articulation caused by pure sweet unbridled panic.

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