By: R.A. Hawkins

"Strange as it seems, no amount of learning can cure stupidity, and higher education positivelyfortifies it." -- Stephen Vizinczey

Recently the media has begun discussing the next financial crises, which they say is student loans. This is the reason that Obama has started to pander to those who hold these loans with offers of lowered interest and relief. In essence he’s using tax dollars to create voter incentives, but at what cost other than the tax dollars he’s offering to waste on their behalf because nobody is donating to his campaign? That’s just one question. A few more relative questions include: What are we getting in return for this, other than an attempted do-over with college kids voting for the do-nothing president again? Why do we have all of these loans in the first place? My father swept floors to get the money together to go to school.

These days when you don’t agree with a professor you get your butt handed to you by that professor. That is the exact opposite of what higher education is supposed to be doing. Let’s look at one of my favorite degrees out there that we probably have a lot of loan money tied up in. Climate Change Impact Studies. Yes there’s actually a college degree like that. The very name of that degree program tells you that you’re going to have crap poured into the top of your empty head until they can’t get any more in there. How are these degrees useful? The UN Agenda 21 people love those degrees. As a matter of fact any time you see some expert telling us about the horrors of climate change see what their degree is in. I’m talking about the signers of the UN scare papers. Their degrees are always in Climate Change Impact, which has nothing to do with science at any level. That means their entire education is based on a lie and that lie is the global warming lie. They aren’t thinking. They’re reciting. Tax dollars got poured into that? Really? What a waste! This isn’t education it’s indoctrination. And these are the experts they always turn to!

The sad part is that when these people graduate there are only a very few places for them to go to work; either at a University cloning Mini Me’s, or working for some radical leftwing organization. They could always get a government research grant, but you get the picture. The degree is useless, and is based on lies and flawed assumptions. I can’t help but wonder how many of these people will go off the deep end when they realize they’ve enslaved themselves with their own signature when they got those loans. The universities have become the exact opposite of that they’re supposed to be. The Ivy League schools are no longer the places where intelligence services seek out potential employees because they have become dens of seething liberals.

We ended up in this predicament because all employers now require you to have a degree in something, but they don’t care what it is. What they’ve done quite by accident is they’ve turned a degree into some idiotic initiation rite. This is how education has been dumbed down. Anytime something becomes widespread or required it gets watered down and ruined…just like what’s going to happen to our healthcare.

So what we have these days are people with useless degrees who are now accepted by some as experts. A certain scarecrow comes to mind here. It’s time to push back against the employers who demand a four year degree for a forklift operator, and to push back against the institutions of higher education that aren’t. Our present version of higher education only teaches people how to pass tests and tells students what to think and what to say instead of teaching them how to think. It used to be that if you didn’t agree with a professor he would ask for your thinking and then listen to what you had to say regarding the subject at hand. If he agreed with how you came to a conclusion you got a pass because when it comes to matters of opinion there are always two sides. These days there’s only one side and you damn well better agree with that leftwing professor or you’re not going to get through the corporate required initiation rite. 

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Published in the July 24, 2012 issue of  Ether Zone.
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