By: Don Boys, Ph.D.

Most of my angry critics who write me are unreasonable, unclear, uncivil, and uninformed people who absolutely refuse to deal with facts in my columns, so they go on the attack like a junk-yard dog. In fact, many of them are mean as a junk-yard dog. Of course, attacks are easier to produce than answers.

They often begin with questioning my training and that is a sure sign that they will not deal with the disputed issues. It really doesn’t matter if I purchased my Ph.D. at the old defunct Montgomery Wards (I think doctorates are cheaper at Sears), they must answer my charges. Of course, it is much easier to nitpick and stonewall rather than deal with truth.

Many of them resort to foul and filthy language. I seldom read them because I don’t want to clutter and dirty my mind with such garbage. It seems the minds of vocal liberals are like a race horse; they run best on a dirt track.

Of course, they have a right to point out my typos.  In a recent column I mistyped a man’s name using an “e” rather than the correct “i.” However, I used it correctly three other times. I also had “judged” instead of “judge” but most of my readers figured that out; however, the haters were so incompetent or filled with hate that they could not (or would not) see it. Of course, all liberals have glazed-over eyes. That goes with their over-hyped and over-priced Bachelor’s degree from  Ivy League University!

I told my editor (who doubles as my wife) who missed my typos that it must never happen again. I must never, never ever have another misteak in any of my columns or books. She will be in big troubel if she misses another topo. Count on it!

Also, my critics don’t like my using so many exclamation points; but then, I write so many shocking statements that I would be negligent if I did not use them!!

Recently, a person who identified herself as “Dr. L” must have been smoking those funny cigarettes when she wrote me. Of course, she did not provide her last name. I have assumed the writer is female:

“Don Boys is a radical nut job. He is full of hate (sic) he is a little hitler. (sic) His talk of hate is why he is no longer a State Representative.   He is along the line with Michele Bachman who feel (sic) people can be cured for (sic) homosexuality. Your research is also wrong (sic) look at any adoption site and they will state same sex homes raise well adjusted  (sic) children. You are also full of hate (sic) your words are full a (sic) vulgar assumptions. Would Jesus say anything like that?”

I’m not sure what Jesus would say, but He would write a better paragraph than that!

I will permit my readers to identify her many grammatical errors and I will deal with the substance or lack of substance in her diatribe.  She did what most of my critics do: they refuse to deal with the book or column and attack me as being a “radical nut job.” Every informed person knows that most of the nut jobs were conceived, born, reared, and educated from the left. In fact, they refuse to ever turn right, so they always go around in circles–to the left, of course. No wonder liberals are dizzy dodos, and like dodos, maybe they will soon be extinct! They often have a knee-jerk reaction to me and of course, it’s always the left knees that jerk. 

Then she accuses me of being “full of hate,” but she can’t know what I’m full of. (I permitted my editor to let pass this one time that sentence ending with a preposition.) When critics have an absence of substantive complaints, they always use a four letter word, “hate” or “love.” While love is one of the most important attributes to have, almost without exception it is not loving to permit people to believe a lie without revealing the truth to them.

Here is a fact that everyone needs to understand: truth always trumps love. Exception might be made for issues of emotional cruelty.  A physician who refuses to tell a patient the facts (truth) of his health is a monster. Same if a lawyer refuses to reveal the truth to a client.

Following the “hate” attack, I am, of course, a “little hitler.” She wouldn’t even give me a capital “H” in Hitler.

She then shows that she is uninformed about homosexuality: homosexuals can be “cured” if they desire it as the evidence proves. However, that is not politically correct to admit, so liberals pretend that their version of “truth” is the correct one. Of course, it is a perversion of truth which means liberals are perverts. 

I’m almost embarrassed to keep pointing out her many errors but she does not know the current research that clearly reveals that children reared in homosexual homes are much more dysfunctional than those in normal homes with a father and mother. The good doctor needs to read more than the New York Times. In the last few days, two more university studies were published supporting my contention. Of course, the media and leftist homosexual-promoters are livid and have attacked the studies. So what else is new?

She wrote about my “vulgar assumptions;” however, I have no idea what she meant by that. Oh, by the way, liberals are terrible writers and write books that no one reads but are displayed on a few coffee tables in San Francisco homes.  

She then asked, “Would Jesus say anything like that?” Like what? As I said, liberals have trouble making themselves clear. But then, that might be good!

Then my critic assures us that animals show signs of homosexuality; however, that is not true as I illustrated with the penguins, Buddy and Pedro, at the Toronto zoo. Animals may “show signs” of what some call “homosexuality,” but it is simply normal animal activity when they are in heat. They will attack a chair to relieve themselves. No, animals do not practice perversion; only humans do that.

I close with her incredible closing paragraph: “People (sic) don't believe this persons (sic) words of hate, (sic) she (sic) is going against what or (sic) lord and savior wants us to do and that is to LOVE each other. We all sin (sic) we hate sin but love the sinner. This person shows her (sic) hate for anyone different. Dr. L”

I’m not sure what her last name is but it starts with an L, so it could stand for Liberal, Loser, or maybe Loony. Then again, she may be a loony, losing Liberal.  For sure, she needs an editor!

As I read her closing statement, I became convinced it is impossible for an educated person to write that way. Her mistakes are amazing, but her biggest foul-up was casting me as a female at the end of her tirade. I’m convinced the good “doctor” is dumb as a box of rocks.

Dr. Don Boys is a former member of the Indiana House of Representatives, author of 14 books, frequent guest on television and radio talk shows, and wrote columns for USA Today for 8 years. His most recent book is ISLAM: America's Trojan Horse! His new eBook, The God Haters is available for $9.99 from   He is a new columnist for Ether Zone.

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Published in the June 25, 2012 issue of  Ether Zone.
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