By: Roderick T. Beaman

This country is The Titanic with the bow beginning to list. The passengers in the luxury suites have begun their moves into the lifeboats while those in steerage are still in their rooms, placidly going about their business while the orchestra continues playing. They’ll probably have to abandon ship but, even though the lifeboats may be strained and some damages will occur in the evacuation, everyone can get out intact if they’re told the truth. The Republicans have a golden opportunity but they’re dropping the ball as they have so many times before. 

The debate between Vice President Joseph Biden and Cong. Paul Ryan was an abject lesson in the sad state of public debate. Martha Raddatz, was showered with roses for her moderation duties, despite allowing Biden to continually interrupt Ryan, by some counts, 80 times. She should have slapped him down but, by another count, interrupted him herself, six times. Must be the media’s idea of fairness. 

But, once again the Republican was handed a golden opportunity to open up the avenue that must be taken to save this country. When Joe Biden, he of the smug smirk and dazzling dentures, brought up the Barack Obama bailout of GM that Mitt Romney opposed, Ryan could have landed a Mike Tyson uppercut and initiated a long overdue discussion of the policies that have gotten us into this entire mess. 

Ryan could have responded that the bailout was just a payoff to the union gangsters and goons that the Democrats have been playing footsy with since FDR and who have had undue influence on the national debate since. But no, he sidestepped it all. 

It also could have been the beginning of the long overdue debate on income taxes themselves and their philosophical significance in a free, non-slave society as well as Social Security, the Federal Reserve and the entire matter of a federal role in government that has given us the New Deal and Great Society. Ryan, with a little maneuvering could have really gotten down to philosophic brass tacks in a coup de grace with a discussion of the Seventeenth Amendment that has eliminated the representation of the states in Washington,D.C. and what that means for federalism. All of these things could have been fodder for an enlightening evening but heaven forbid, not on Ryan’s watch nor for that matter on any Republican’s watch. 

For his part, Mitt Romney has decried the excessive financial regulation typified by Dodd-Frank but conceded that some regulation is necessary. Oh really, Mr. Governor but where does your regulation end? It’s been a tried and true recipe for endless government expansion; when the next problem emerges, and there always are problems, then emit the screams for more regulation. That’s how Dodd-Frank came about in the first place and you want to continue it? 

And what about a debate on the question of constitutional justification for any interference in the marketplace? The truly free market has no place for government regulation of business. 

If either of them really had imagination and testosterone, he’d have handed copies of the ten planks in Karl Marx’s program for the communization of society to everyone there and then asked Obama or Biden to announce which ones he’d reject. It could have opened a far too long closed file on the real nature of communism, not the convenient fantasy of looming, sneering evil we’ve programmed into our minds. The discussion would tear off the nanny state mask we’ve allowed our peculiar American socialist version to wear. 

What does all of this portend for the future of constitutional government in this country? It’s obvious that Romney & Ryan, just like the rest of the Republicans, have no intent of challenging the very large federal presence in our lives which is what we really need. 

I waited for sixteen years from Barry Goldwater to Ronald Reagan for a supposedly true conservative to take the reins in Washington,D.C. Reagan went to that infernal rathole vowing to end the departments of Energy & Education which had just been established by James Carter. Today, those original bureaucrats have long since retired on fat pensions paid by guess whom? All Reagan actually did was slow the rate of growth of the cancer that afflicts this country. It's obvious that we can't even achieve a trimming so rather than the nice guy approach, someone has to go in there with a meat cleaver, not a pair of scissors for a trimming. The time for being nice is over and Romney and Ryan are 'nice guys' meaning they play the game. 

But there are other matters, too. The Republicans have a chance here to drive a wedge deep into the hegemony that the Democrats have in the black and Hispanic votes and they aren’t exploiting it. Attitudinally, they are two of the most conservative voting blocs in the country, yet they vote overwhelmingly, with the exception of the Cuban-Americans, Democratic. 

Barack Obama is the most pro-abortion politician in American history. His voting record on abortion is an atrocity. As an Illinois legislator, he voted several times (I’ve read as many as four) against live birth acts; those that require medical personnel to try to save the lives of abortuses born alive. The wording of the acts was deemed acceptable by pro-abortion stalwarts such as Edward Kennedy, John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi yet Obama voted against them because it was the intent of the mother to end the life of the fetus. That was his stated reason. 

Blacks have always been opposed to abortion, calling birth control, in general, and abortion in particular Black Genocide. Its origins in Planned Parenthood (PP) in this country show that to be 100% correct, yet Obama is allowed to go on blithely supporting Planned Parenthood and abortion with no political accounting for it. 

Margaret Sanger, PP's founder, had a special program to exterminate blacks called the Negro Project. To accomplish this, she hoped to enlist Negro ministers who were to be kept in the dark about her goal. She once addressed a Ku Klux Klan meeting in Alabama calling blacks, 'weeds and reckless breeders'. She stated, "We do not want the word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population." Someone could ask Obama if also he wants to exterminate the Negro population. The look on his face would have been great political theatre. 

The sterilization program of the retarded, insane and other 'undesirables' in this country also targeted the poor and minorities. That program was spearheaded by PP and its board. A black woman in North Carolina just recently found out that she had been unknowingly and involuntarily sterilized as recently as 1968 under it. This was in The United States of America under our constitution and program developed by PP and 23 years after the fall of Nazi Germany and we called them evil! 

Black ministers are already balking at supporting Obama over the homosexual marriage issue. Use of statements about PP and images from Rev. Clenard Childress's, permission for which surely would have been granted, could drive the reality home to American blacks and Hispanics and threaten the Democrats' entire claim to their loyalties. A montage of torn torsos, lacerated limbs and Barack Obama's visage could drive home the reality of his support of PP. Republicans have done nothing to exploit this. Why? 

Do they think the people are too sensitive for it? It's funny, but no one ever hesitates to grind our faces in our history of lynchings and the exterminations under German National Socialism. 

This election will settle nothing because no principles have been discussed . As George C. Wallace said, lo those 44 years ago for the wrong reasons, there isn't a dime's worth of difference between the Republican and Democratic parties. 

It’s the cause of these problems that must be addressed otherwise we are doomed to these things forever into the future. Why haven't the Republicans done anything to raise the level of the debate? Simple, they're just as much part of the problem as the Democrats. 

We can no longer have an endless expansion of government power; Democrats' progressivism punctuated by Republican enhanced enforcement with increased police power. 

A pox on both their houses. We'll pay the price for their lies.

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Dr. Roderick T. Beaman is an osteopathic family physician practicing in Jacksonville, Florida. Born in New York City, he attended New York University as an undergraduate. A recipient of a 2003 Ron Paul Liberty in Media Award, he has had dreams (delusions?) of becoming a writer. He has written a novel that he has given up hope of ever getting published and so has made it available for the asking through  He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

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