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California dreaming: Bankruptcy, pension, and taxes

Published 6y ago -

The California Public Employees’ Retirement System lives in the rarified air where financial magic somehow materializes to pay for their irrational exuberant pensions. When the drug high is over, the real world requires a harsh penalty for ebullient irre... More »

Obama’s loss or win: Will cities burn?

Published 6y ago -

I am not a prophet, fortune-teller, or soothsayer, nor am I clairvoyant. But I do know people and history. Upon that foundation I will “stick my neck out” and predict major problems in our largest cities for 48 hours after November 6 whether Obama wins or lose... More »

Lunacy of FEMA: Hurricane insurance subsidy

Published 6y ago -

One of the most ludicrous fantasies of the self-indulgent is that a property owner has an entitlement of subsidized government flood insurance. The inherent risk of building along the ocean shoreline is self-evident. The benefits that enhance the pleasure of p... More »