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Will any sane person defend homosexual practices?

Published 6y ago -

Homosexuals indulge in incredible, unbelievable, vile, vulgar, even violent activities detrimental to themselves and society such as fisting (don’t ask); rimming (don’t ask again); illegal drug use; eating or rubbing their bodies with a lover’s feces; autoerot... More »

Best Logless / No Log VPN

Published 6y ago -

Summary: When you connect to the internet, your internet service provider and local government could be tracking what you’re doing, the sites you’re visiting and the files you’re downloading. These policies are usually in place to help your internet service pr... More »

A bit of little known: Monetary history

Published 6y ago -

It was the early sixties, the Kennedy Administration was in full swing with its pro-Keynesian monetary and fiscal policies, and the country still enjoyed the sparkling tinkle of real silver coins. We were not yet cursed with clunky cupra-nickel dimes, quarters... More »