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This writer, like millions of others, was caught up and emotionally invested in his candidacy. Ron Paul seemed to be a man who took his oath of office seriously, was fully committed to the rule of law and restoration of the Constitution. He knew that the odds were high, the battle uphill the whole way, the personal costs to be heavy and the scorn of many guaranteed. Supplanting the socialist FedGov tyranny of well over 100 years would be nothing less than a fight to the end, to the last day, to exhaustion.  

The ending,  not suspending, of the Ron Paul campaign came this past week. The MainStreamMedia gave fringe acknowledgement of the man and the message that had struck fear in their hearts and of its controllers.  

Was the media biased against his voice of reason and truth? Absolutely.  

Was Ron Paul the victim of voter fraud? More than likely.  

Should he have expected a fair fight from the entrenched criminal two-party system? Of course not, as was demonstrated by the early 2008 RP interview by Larry King (The candidate they made go away - Shot but not aired on CNN). This intentional marginalization by the MSM was foretold by the parallel treatment received by Larry Agran in his 1992 candidacy for the Democratic Party nomination (How to make a candidate disappear from the movie "Spin").  

The Ron Paul 2008 campaign made fund raising history on many occasions even to the creation of a new political term, the money bomb. Much of the money raising was accomplished by independent individuals who were not even members of the official campaign. Where did all of the $ 33 million raised during the campaign go? Why was there no effort to spend some Big Bucks and go over the heads of the MSM with national TV ads countering the lies and gross misrepresentation made by so called pundits?  

The informative and leading edge liberty/libertarian/paleo-conservative site was so supportive of the candidacy that it had to change its organizational structure for tax reasons and federal campaign regulations.  

Ron Paul’s campaign footprint on the Internet and youtube are legendary, out stripping the combined effectiveness of all other candidates. He had hundreds of MeetUp groups spontaneously pop up all over the country, Europe and across the globe. An excellent example of the gripping and independently created youtube videos can be viewed here - America, have you forgotten history? (Ron Paul 2008). This particular one includes his classic confrontation with Huckabee over the illegal Iraq war and RP’s debate proclamation that he is the “Champion of the Constitution”.  

But Ron Paul has quit the campaign. He left the field of battle with powerful Constitutional weapons unused. But hey, he had no chance to win the nomination, right? That is the conventional wisdom. As others have done, he could have suspended it just in case the unexpected happens.  

Another recent development questions the sincerity of his presidential campaign. RP had time to write a bestselling book, The Revolution: A Manifesto, while running for president and he has another book in the works. The national GOP convention is months away and he finished one book on political philosophy and has another in process. Huh? These would be more than welcome afterwards, but this is another example of RP not having his focus on capturing the nomination?   

With the closing of his campaign, RP has very slickly shifted the remaining $4.7 million of campaign contributions into a new advocacy organization known as The Campaign for Liberty. Did you contribute to fund his political action organization or for to him to become president? 

It is time to face the gross failures of his campaign. It is fact and not fiction that Ron Paul... 

        Shirked his duty to the American people and violated his oath of office by not pursuing criminal indictments against the war criminal and traitor GWBush. (Click here, here, here and here.)

        Did nothing to pursue the reality of McCain being disqualified under the Constitution to be president. (Click here and here.)

        Publicly denied the obvious, root cause and core reality of America's neo-con attempt at global hegemony, that 911 is provably an inside job or false flag used to mind warp the American People into supporting baseless global war. (Click here, here, here and here.)

Every life needlessly spent in Iraq and Afghanistan (American and otherwise) has been wasted in criminal wars. Regardless of how much he spoke about it, Ron Paul did not do what he should and could have done towards ending the Middle East wars.  

The current political environment as demonstrated by …  

        The awakening of the public mind as shown by the millions of dollars given to the RP campaign;

        The artificially induced economic stress causing millions to re-evaluate their personal situation and for the first time realizing the criminality of the Federal Reserve and fiat money system;

        The majority of America wanting out of Iraq and Afghanistan immediately; and

        The major party choices being a fascist-warmonger (John the McCainiac) or a communist-warmonger, (Barack Insane O'Bomb-em) who is also constitutionally disqualified. 

Begged for bold truths to be declared in the public forums, the floor of Congress, national media and the internet without ceasing, along with the requisite filing of federal criminal complaints against GWBush in US District Courts. This pregnant a mix for peaceful re-awakening the republic of republics may not come again.  

The premature ending of his campaign punctuates his candidacy as having been a hollow fraud. Ron Paul took early retirement in the ivory tower as a political philosopher with permanent observer status, which was his apparent goal from inception. See James 4:17 and Galatians 4:16.


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Nathanael is a self-employed engineer and lives in metropolitan area of Dallas, Texas. He had only ever been a life long registered Republican but changed to the Constitution Party in May of 2004. During the fall of 2007, he registered Republican for the sole reason of voting for Ron Paul in the Texas primary. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

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Published in the June 16, 2008 issue of  Ether Zone.
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