By: John LeBoutillier

Barring some unexpected development (see below), the choice in November for President is going to be one of the three remaining candidates: John McCain, Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

You know what?

All three of them are offensive to conservatives and opposed to conservative principles.

In fact, all three are basically Democrats - including McCain.

How can that be said about McCain, the presumptive GOP nominee? Simple. We now know that twice since 2002, McCain has considered joining the Democratic Party or the 2004 Democratic ticket, as the Veep candidate with his great pal, John Kerry.

And yet the GOP has somehow selected McCain as our candidate? How can this be?

Have you ever heard of a candidate picked by a party who is so disliked and distrusted by that party’s members?

How many rabid pro-McCain GOP voters do any of us know? Who are these people? Where are they?

No, what Rush Limbaugh said a month ago is true: the So-Called Mainstream Media - liberals all - have chosen our nominee for us!!!

What a total absurdity this is!!!

No wonder so many rank-and-file Republicans and conservatives are distraught over the looming choice in November. Yes, Obama and Hillary are worse than McCain on many issues. But so what? The Democrats will pick up seats in the House and Senate and have virtually total control of the Congress. Even if McCain were to win, what is he really going to do? Does he have a program he wants to implement? Does he have anything he wants to fight for - other than staying in Iraq? And, is he going to stand up to this Democratic Majority? No, he is not. His history and his penchant is to make deals with Democrats. So he will deal. He will happily hop in bed with Teddy Kennedy - yet again - and sign a bill giving amnesty and citizenship to illegals.

He may also go along with Democratic attempts to re-impose the Fairness Doctrine because McCain and the Left loathe conservative talk radio and would love to diminish it’s reach and power.

McCain was so comfortable with Democrats that he considered becoming one. So he will be happy with a Democrat-controlled Congress. He will scale back some of their crazy spending programs with the veto threat. And, to his credit, McCain is indeed a deficit hawk who will try to reign in the crazy new federal spending programs the Democrats will impose next year.

But he will be a very, very weak and impotent President from Day One because his election will only be a rejection of his opponent - not an endorsement of anything McCain offers. There will be no mandate for anything John McCain stands for because he doesn’t stand for anything.

McCain is no Reagan who ran on a comprehensive - and consistently conservative - approach to solving problems.

McCain’s self-proclaimed ‘maverick’ nature makes him a Wild Card who has no philosophy about anything. All he runs on is his resume. Period.

Now, let us look at John McCain, the candidate:

• He has become inarticulate;

• He often stumbles on words;

• He is also making more gaffes, like the one about Iran training Al Qaeda terrorists;

• He looks old; in fact, he looks older than his age and he seems to have aged a decade’s worth of years in the last six months;

• He will not do particularly well in the fall debates because continued exposure to him makes voters like him less;

• He is a politician at the end of the line - not a new, potent force full of energy out to change things;

• As stated here before: there is a 40% chance that McCain is not the GOP nominee in September. Something is going to happen - not sure what - to re-shuffle this race;

• In fact, there is certain to be a Big, Big Surprise news event that will greatly impact the presidential and congressional election;

Conclusion: McCain, Obama and Hillary are a pathetic three-some of candidates for President. There is little difference among them on some issues - which is an incredible indictment of the GOP. How could we nominate a candidate who agrees with Obama and Hillary on anything?

That is why it is likely that shocking revelations and a Major News Event will indeed occur that will totally shake up this race.

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John LeBoutillier is a former U.S. Congressman and a nationally recognized political commentator. He has been a frequent guest on many national talk show programs and is author of the book Harvard Hates America. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

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Published in the March 25, 2008 issue of  Ether Zone.
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