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Russian mafia kill Litvinenko?: Looks like it

Published 12y ago -

They’re making a movie about the Litvinenko affair, but if Hollywood hews to the narrative dished out by the British tabloids, then I wouldn’t count on it being a box office hit. After all, the idea that the Kremlin would assassinate such an insign... More »

Global warming: Equals socialism

Published 12y ago -

There’s a very simple question that the global warming scaremongers don’t seem to be able to answer in a straightforward, credible manner. It has to do with the current refrigeration of much of the United States and the claims of the global warming... More »

Death of the dollar: That’s what Bush wants

Published 12y ago -

Many people wonder these days about the bizarre fiscal policy of the U.S. government. They wonder how it is that they can see where that policy is taking us but President George W. Bush cannot. In personal finance, if you keep spending more than you receive, y... More »

No news is bad news

Published 12y ago -

Newspapers are not a dying breed, but they are certainly a wounded animal. We know it, they know it. Otherwise why would they be climbing aboard the Internet bandwagon to sell their wares? That the print media is taking to the electronic media to keep its head... More »

Magic modern wonder drugs: Sorts of sorcery?

Published 12y ago -

There is, as you well-read readers doubtless know, great money to be made in drugs these days.  The most profitable and most widely used are those that seem to be for the purpose of providing “personality-in-a-bottle.”  There are many people turnin... More »

Emergency appeal: Health freedom fighter needs help

Published 12y ago -

Most of you know that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is run by a bunch of sleazy Nazi bastards, whose lucrative job it is to squelch medical freedom on behalf of certain Mussolini doctors and pharmaceutical companies. For just one example of FDA in act... More »