By: Alan Stang

As March begins, many observers say we should beware not just the Ides but the whole month. It is a month that will include the inauguration of the bourse in Teheran, which will trade oil in euros, not in dollars. If other nations participate, the monopoly the dollar has long enjoyed will evaporate. March is also the month in which the District of Criminals no longer will publish M-3, the statistic that told the world how much inflation the Fed was causing.

And March may be the month in which Communist world government traitor Bush could respond by expanding the present war, bombing and maybe invading Iran, even Syria. Like everyone else, I am wondering about the ramifications of this latest possible insanity, which could include the closing by Iran of the strategic Straits of Hormuz, crippling oil delivery (look at the map) and potentially devastating attacks on our Navy. Remember that Iran is three times the size of Iraq and has almost three times the population. In view of the horror presently unfolding in the latter, one wonders how well we shall do.

As the horror metastasizes, the disgusting worship of Smirk in the churches intensifies. The spectacle of "born-again Christians" turning him into an icon they worship (almost) more than Jesus is truly nauseating. More and more observers are likening him to Hitler, and the consuming question of whether there is any validity to the comparison drove me to investigate.

First, to forestall confusion, don’t the Communists routinely accuse everyone who opposes them of imitating Hitler? Yes, they do. In fact, the Communists have kept the Nazi "threat" alive precisely for that reason; so they can drape it on the shoulders of whomever they dislike. As I write, the story of the pipsqueak Colorado teacher who made the comparison in a geography class is unfolding.

That is why the cloaca of books, movies, television series, etc., about Hitler never ends. The difference is that the reds want to replace Nazism with Communism, while I want to replace it with liberty, with Free Enterprise, with Americanism. The question of whether the Smirk Administration resembles the Hitler Administration is perfectly legitimate. It is possible to be both anti-Nazi and anti-Communist.

For the answer, I went to Hitler’s Cross by Erwin W. Lutzer (Chicago, Moody Press, 1995). There we learn that Hitler encouraged the belief that he was God: "What Christ began, I will complete." A few days after becoming Chancellor, he promised a new kingdom on earth. Adolf’s kingdom, he said, would be "the power and the glory. Amen." Jesus has His elect, but so did Hitler: "Whoever proclaims his allegiance to me is by this very proclamation and the manner in which it is made, one of the chosen."

Some of the things he said sound particularly eerie today: "I’m going to become a religious figure. Soon I’ll be the great chief of the Tartars. Already Arabs and Moroccans are mingling my name with their prayers." Arabs and Moroccans? Does this have any meaning for today’s phony "war on terror?"

Rudolf Hoess was commander of Auschwitz. Before his execution in 1947 he said that he would have gassed and burned his own wife, children and even himself had der Führer commanded it. At a Nazi rally, the caption on a giant photo of Hitler said, "In the beginning was the Word." Some Germans changed the Lord’s Prayer to read, "Our Father Adolf who art in Nuremberg, Hallowed be thy name, the Third Reich come . . . ." If you did not say, "Heil Hitler!" when you entered a restaurant, you would not be served.

Quite a promotion for a slime bucket who started as a homosexual prostitute in Vienna. Believe it or not, the buggers there thought young Adolf was "cute."

The book includes a photograph of the dining hall in the barracks of the Leibstandarte, Hitler’s SS bodyguard. The slogan on the wall beneath the Nazi eagle says: "The will of the Führer remains our faith." Lutzer says this of the Nazis: ". . . They were embarking on a cause that was so noble that they should suspend their natural judgment; they were on the cutting edge of creating a new society. . . ."

Hermann Göring was Hitler’s Ted Kennedy, except that Teddy can’t fly. Göring explained, "I have no conscience! Adolf Hitler is my conscience!" Indeed, "It is not I who live, but the Führer who lives in me." Churches of the day, putatively Christian, offered swastikas with the cross of Christ neatly woven in the center.

But what about the pastors? Hitler explained, ". . . The parsons will dig their own graves. They will betray their God to us. They will betray anything for the sake of their miserable jobs and incomes." Today we have incorporated multi-million dollar celebrity churches that are profit-making businesses, not houses of worship. Indeed, German Protestant churches called for a synthesis of Christianity and state, even for a revision of doctrine to conform to National Socialism.

Dedication services for Hitler’s storm troopers were conducted in Protestant and Catholic churches. One theologian hailed Hitler as follows: "Now he stands before us; he whom the voices of our poets and sages have summoned, the liberator of the German genius. He had removed the blindfold from our eyes, and through all political, economic and social and confessional covers has enabled us to see and love again the one essential thing – our unity of blood, our German self, the homo germanus."

Large crowds flocked to the farm house where Hitler spent his summers as a boy. John Toland writes that they "found their way into the courtyard to wash at the wooden trough as if it contained holy water and chipped pieces from the large stones supporting the barn." Canadian missionary Oswald Smith went to Germany in 1936. Smith reported: ". . . Every true Christian is for Hitler. I know for it was from the Christians I got most of my information, and right or wrong they endorse Adolf Hitler."

The Hitler church glorified war. Germans were taught to do whatever the Führer commanded. Pastors quoted Romans 13 often to keep the restive in line. Some churches retreated into pietism, which believed that the church’s mission was to preach Christ and ignore everything else; to maintain intense loyalty to the politicians and obedience to the state even when it contradicted one’s own personal beliefs.

Needless to say, the schools were perverted. Lutzer writes: "In 1935 prayers ceased to be obligatory in schools; religious instruction was not yet exactly prohibited, but it was limited to those who had been licensed by the state. Thus the dogmas of Nazism were substituted for the doctrines of the Bible. The schools taught their subjects through the eyes of the regime."

Hitler turned Christmas into a totally pagan festival. He even changed its name to "Yuletide." In 1938, he banned carols and Nativity plays from the schools. Crucifixes were banned from classrooms. Easter became a holiday that heralded the arrival of spring. Does any of this sound familiar? Private schools were abolished. All education was unified under the Nazis.

Indeed, Göring said, "The law and the will of the Führer are one." In other words, the law – right and wrong – was whatever Hitler said it was. Treason was whatever he said it was: anything "contrary to the purposes of the Reich. Criticism was treason; freedom of the press was treason; a failure to further the agenda of the Reich was treason. If you disagreed with Adolf, you were "unpatriotic."

Most Germans were Protestants, at least on paper. Here is what Hitler said of them: "You can do anything you want with them. . . . They will submit . . . they are insignificant little people, submissive as dogs, and they sweat with embarrassment when you talk to them." Of course there were heroic exceptions, like Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Martin Niemöller.

On September 5th, 1933, the Prussian General Synod met in Berlin. Erwin Lutzer tells us that delegations of pastors and church leaders arrived "wearing Nazi uniforms and giving the Nazi salute." All German pastors were required to sign a statement pledging "unconditional support to the National Socialist State." There was opposition, but it was shouted down.

Finally, on November 13, 1933, Nazi "Christians" rallied at the Sports Palace in Berlin. One speaker demanded that "all obviously distorted and superstitious reports should be expunged from the New Testament, and that the whole scapegoat and inferiority-type theology of the Rabbi Paul should be renounced in principle, for it has perpetuated a falsification of the Gospel." Another speaker complained that "the exaggerated display of the crucified Jesus is intolerable in the German Church."

Yes, I recognize that the likeness is not exact. Allowances must be made for all the subtle differences that flow from language, time and culture. But the similarity is sufficient to make one’s hair stand on end. As far as we know, George never labored as a homosexual prostitute and Adolf never was a career drunk. But George said there is nothing wrong with dictatorship, as long as he runs it, and Adolf certainly agreed.

Certainly one big reason for the perversion in today’s American church is the utterly spurious, unscriptural doctrine, according to which man is basically good, and therefore can "save" himself simply by making a "decision" to "accept" Jesus as his "personal savior." That perverted doctrine says in effect that man is already "half-saved," a lot better than he is, the result of which is the hubris that can produce a Hitler or a Bush.

German "Christians" who worshipped Hitler never did wake up. Will Americans who worship Smirk in today’s celebrity churches?

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