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Who is Alan Stang? The dialect at work

Published 12y ago -

Who is Alan Stang? That was the title of the thread on a web site that was new to me. Most of you probably figure you know who I am. You know that I am not I AM, not even John Galt. You know that for most of my half century in journalism and literature, the mi... More »

US exporting democracy: Could use a lesson themselves

Published 12y ago -

In all the hoopla over the Iraqi elections, one seemingly obvious detail has been almost entirely over looked. The United States is allegedly exporting democracy to a part of the world that has not experienced much of it. But apparently we aren’t exporting ent... More »

What to ask your congressman: Before the 2006 elections

Published 12y ago -

We are in another election cycle. Political wonks will talk about how this mid-term cycle is important because George Bush is heading into the ‘lame duck’ phase of his presidency, the growing negative impression people have on the War on Terror, and ‘scandals’... More »

George and Laura: Are they stealth democrats?

Published 12y ago -

Well, the poop has really been hitting the ol’ wind agitator. GWB went and picked ANOTHER ‘stealth’ candidate for the Supreme Court, Harriet Miers. For many conservatives that have doggedly, blindly supported the Republicans, and Bush in particular, this appea... More »

Conservatives: Give Max the boot

Published 12y ago -

Image courtesy of Bonnie Natko under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. Well it seems the neoconmen are all in a lather about Thomas Woods’ excellent new book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History. They have quickly acted according to the neocon rules of engageme... More »

Lincoln: A conservative litmus test

Published 12y ago -

In a recent article, “Reasoned Debate Please: Not Armchair Psychoanalysis,” I was critical of Lawrence Auster, a conservative blogger. I forwarded a copy of my article to him. (Whether my intent in forwarding a critical article was to tweak him, gi... More »

Katrina: Example of God’s shock and awe

Published 12y ago -

Just days after the devastating storm that wiped out New Orleans, the nationally renowned MSNBC website displayed a gigantic headline that read, “The Wrath of Katrina”. How wrong it was. Hurricanes are weather patterns that are named by man. Hurric... More »

Apostasy now taliban-lite won’t do

Published 12y ago -

It looks like sanity may prevail, at least in a legal sense, in the case of Abdul Rahman, the Afghani apostate who has been facing a possible death sentence for having converted from Islam to Christianity. Lo and behold, the Afghan legal system, which had been... More »

Merry what?: De-christmasization

Published 12y ago -

A lot of Christians, me included, have been complaining about the de-Christmasization now underway. The very public campaign to eliminate any mention of the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ has swept across the land at dizzying speed, creating such abs... More »