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Why all porn is gay: The Playboy pornographer

Published 13y ago -

In 2004, a woman revealed details of Hugh Hefner’s sex life. If the Playboy founder is any indication, a life dedicated to porn and free sex leads to homosexuality and impotence. In old age, the playboy icon is a grotesque self parody. Hefner, 79, pays a... More »

When beautiful minds: Get twisted

Published 13y ago -

Education, like water, seeks its own level: very intelligent people rise to the challenge; reasonably bright ones tread educational water, and the less intellectually endowed become bottom feeders. And so it is: the inherently smartest, or inherited-wealthiest... More »

Forget the impeachment: Bring in the psychotherapist

Published 13y ago -

George W. Bush sorely needs help (and quickly) in several distinct areas of mental aberration. I don’t say this maliciously or vengefully. But neither do I say it lightly. Each day, by a personal appearance, a comment, or a speech, President Bush reveals once ... More »

It is time to abort abortion: Issues of choice

Published 13y ago -

Besides New Year’s resolutions and bone-chilling temperatures, January reminds me of an important issue. I think of Roe v. Wade, that horrendous act of judicial fiat mandated 32 years ago. The pro-choice argument is really one without merit. Many people try so... More »