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Pro-life issue at root of all others

Published 14y ago -

The Declaration of Independence proclaims that Life is unalienable and is endowed by man’s Creator. No government or group of individuals bestows Life upon any person, and therefore no government or group of individuals may rightfully deprive Life from a... More »

“Martin Luther” King: Communist fraud (Revisited)

Published 14y ago -

Let us now praise famous men – if we can. There are two reasons you don’t need to know anything about Mike (even his name is a fraud) King, to know that we should not be celebrating a holiday in his name. First, a respectable time needs to pass after a man die... More »

Dark forces and the tolerant followers

Published 14y ago -

The real America has been quietly replaced by a land of dark, occultic powers controlling masses of clueless people who are stumbling blindly behind a faulty leadership (major party) into a predictable morass of serfdom and slavery quite equal or greater than ... More »

Bush shows true colors: The red and the pink

Published 14y ago -

How dumb is the Republicrud Party? We are about to find out. Long before the election of 2000, I warned that the only difference between Bush and Clinton was the latter’s propensity to drop his pants and ask for sex, which the media used to divert attention fr... More »