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Communist Bush: Finally goes too far

Published 14y ago -

Image courtesy of Nick Carter under CC BY 2.0. Since George Bush took office, radio talk show hosts who call themselves “conservative” have been covering his administration in a manner I can only call schizophrenic. Because they are “conserva... More »

A long red line: Of subversion and deception

Published 14y ago -

The simple explanation of nearly everything political is generally wrong because it looks at the plant rather than the roots.  Right now, Americans are beginning to see that they are entangled in a web of kudzu that is changing the American landscape more rapi... More »

The year of the yawn: Election 2004

Published 14y ago -

The chances may be slim, but hopefully a dark horse candidate with ideas for a return to America will emerge before election time.  Otherwise, we will be stuck with either an “R” or a “D” in the Oval Office, continuing the ravishing of ... More »

The zero factor: Oh really O’reilly?

Published 14y ago -

Image courtesy of Kevin Trotman under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. I don’t like attacking others, especially other commentators. And yes, I’m quite aware of O’Reilly’s predictable response: This guy’s not a commentator! He can correctly go further: He’s not even a journal... More »

Fearful christmas: Courtesy of Tom Ridge

Published 14y ago -

Orange is not exactly a Christmas color: more like Halloween, but then there is definitely a Halloween-ish quality to our chieftain of Homeland Security, Tom Ridge, who raised the color-coded terror alert from an “elevated yellow” to “high... More »

What’s the best weapon against lies?: Your fingers

Published 14y ago -

The pen may be mightier than the sword, but there is one weapon that is mightier than both of them. And the people who have a passion for the truth-and those who don’t— are now beginning to find that out. Some people in government are nervous, of c... More »

Bush & Clinton: Partners in unconstitutionality

Published 14y ago -

The fundamental reason George W. Bush became president in 2000 instead of Al Gore, the latter supported by ferocious media activism along with the Democrats’ election crimes by depriving elements of the military abroad from voting while allowing criminals to p... More »