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Final disaster: Time bomb in the making

Published 14y ago -

The national debt is now over seven trillion, $4.04 trillion in honest contractual borrowing from investors and $2.96 trillion in debt representing money stolen from entitlements like Social Security plus annual interest added by simply handing phony trust fun... More »

Media myopia: Keeping the media honest

Published 14y ago -

Over a decade ago, the founder of Accuracy in Media, Reed Irvine, told me about a now defunct committee that frankly needs to be recreated. I was deeply saddened by the announcement of the death of Reed Irvine. He was a unique man of character, intelligence an... More »

The bankers untrust: It just keeps on getting better

Published 14y ago -

Many people like to take the conspiratorial view of history a little too far. One of the most favorite names to bandy about is that of the evil Rothschild’s. That being said here we go. Quite often we hear about the evil that Lincoln did against the Constituti... More »

McGreevy’s treason: Homeland insecurity

Published 14y ago -

The Brits have such bizarre sex/spy scandals that the casts sometimes seem like a combination of a James Bond flick and “Keeping Up Appearances”. Could anyone bear watching “Hyacinth Meets Goldfinger”? Now New Jersey presents same show ... More »

Chaos as social policy: Divide and conquer

Published 14y ago -

The President’s proposed illegal immigrant program is a blatant insult to American citizens and the rule of law. It demands unequivocal, direct reaction until the bill is defeated and illegals, their families, their cars and their dogs are deported. All should... More »

Un trojan horses: Stealing our sovereignty civilly

Published 14y ago -

“Thus one who excels at warfare seeks [victory] through the strategic configuration of power, not from reliance on men. Thus he is able to select men and employ strategic power… The location where we will engage the enemy must not become known to them.&#... More »

What our founding fathers knew: We have yet to learn

Published 14y ago -

Sticking my neck out is one of my biggest faults. More often than not, I get my head chopped off. Or at least my eyebrows singed. So why am I sticking my neck out again?  Because I have a personal hypothesis, that even people who know more world history than I... More »