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By: Novakeo

The recent suicide bombings in Saudi Arabia and Morocco is clearly showing that president Bush’s war on terror is a complete failure and that this so called war on terror was and always has been a play in virtual reality. When is America going to wake up and see that subjugating the Middle East will never put an end to terrorism but will inevitably increase terror against the United States and all those that support the Bush administrations war mongering? In Saudi Arabia, Americans and foreigners were the targets, in Morocco, Spaniards and Jews were the targets, and unlike the deceptive reasons that president Bush smugly told reporters Saturday following the Morocco bombing, the bombings were not perpetrated by the “enemies of freedom”, one of many old tiresome clichés that the Bush clan use to mesmerize the public with, rather, those cold blooded murdering suicide bombers have an enemy, and to them that enemy is Israel and all those that support that nation, especially the United States. To suicide bombers and our government, killing innocent civilians is nothing other than collateral damage in a perpetual war of attrition and perceptual freedom.

Spain’s support for the Bush clans war on Iraq which had nothing to do with terrorism and WMD’s, ya, the so called WMD’s that was the reason given by the Bush clan for an illegal war and invasion, and the lack thereof, that has become quite obvious to most with a conscious that it was nothing other than a complete fabrication, is harvesting for Spain and others some violence, which only goes to show that the Godly universal law in you reap what you sow is an absolute truth in reality. All those that supported Bush’s rape of Iraq will eventually reap a harvest according to what they sowed and the United States will eventually reap the greatest harvest of them all. One must ask for what? So that a bunch of homicidal blood thirsty ideological and corporate whores within the Bush regime can maintain and augment their power and wealth?

These shadowy figures within the corridors of power work to increase the supremacy of the state at the expense of your liberties, and what do you do common America? You wrap yourselves with the patriotic cloth of the red white and blue so you can blind yourselves to what is really happening to your nation. You rather deceive yourselves with a virtual sense of a collective power and strength that your government grants you when they go abroad and slay the monsters that they created rather than to demand from your leaders the truth and adherence to the rule of law. You’re patriotic to assimilate terrorism into a relative war, generating universal patriotic fear so you can allow your government to transform your heritage into a repressive corporate state so that your elites, who really despise you, can further work to bring you an imaginary security with a certain amount of freedom. Don’t you feel special?

Your government has created the ultimate desired condition of perpetual war so they can become more intrusive in your lives and profit greatly by it, and all you are willing to do is salute you’re Made in China flag. Do you still believe you deserve to be free while you cheerfully applaud your armies when they go to subjugate a people that never attacked your own or threatened to do so? Do you think you are righteous when you allow your elites to hire and fire bandits and thugs like bin Laden and Saddam, then create the conditions after starving the vanquished to violently liberate the left overs? Never mind that the former quislings of your puppet masters have seemed to vanish into thin air only to produce themselves when things seem to quiet down so that your heavily patriotic government can remind you of the great danger you are in and that you must prepare yourselves for the next rumored war.

Do you think you are righteous when you allow your elites to incessantly deceive and lie their way to the top and to commit crimes with absolute impunity? They put on your plate an illusion of themselves which they have masterfully painted for your viewing, the picture of the ardent patriotic superman whose piety even surpasses the poor carpenter’s. Do you still believe you deserve to be free when you allow the thieves and deceivers within the Bush regime to subvert the laws of the land with draconian acts that sound so patriotic and American such as the USA Patriot Acts I and II? Do secret arrests, unrestricted surveillance, searches without warrants, with us or with the terrorists, give you a warm and fuzzy feeling?

Welcome to the elites realm of a modern day political/religious hypocrite with the new evangelical seasoning in religious piety, the quest is for a war with evil and its terror masters whilst profiteering seriously from their violent activities. They expose themselves as unequivocal liars and hypocrites whose finer dispositions is unreservedly self-serving, self-gratifying and atrocious, un-bashfully served under the illusion of religious piety and correctness. An elitist world of a global village construct immersed in counter realism, where the god of relative truth reigns over the earth. Worms these elites are; a brood of poisonous snakes, whose function in life is to suck the blood and mammon out of the lives of the innocent and ordinary.

And now your special elites of the neocon variant with their allies in the dispensationalists and dominionists want America and the world to know and feel a special kinship with our brothers in arms over there in the land of Judea and Samaria. Thanks to them we now have so much in common with the secular tribes of Israel, America and Israel are both victims of terrorism, America and Israel are now both occupiers of peoples who wish not to be occupied, and now America and Israel have that ultra special relationship where both nations shoot and kill unarmed civilians who are protesting their occupation. Now that is brotherly love between friends and a common bond that can only produce good fruits.

Who would have thought that after the criminality of the Clinton regime, it would be replaced by another more disingenuous and dangerous administration, which can strip away your citizenship and your rights at their pleasure for any reason they can contrive, and then tell you that the real dangers to your freedom is from a bunch of crazy suicide bombers. You’ve been accused of being like sheep, but that is no longer an accurate analogy, you’re now no more than lap dogs, groveling at the vomit of your masters.

"Published originally at EtherZone.com : republication allowed with this notice and hyperlink intact."

Novakeo is editor and writer for America First on Foreign Policy (AFFP). He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

Novakeo can be reached at novakeo@lycos.com

Published in the May 19, 2003 issue of  Ether Zone.
Copyright © 1997 - 2003 Ether Zone.

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