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U.S. troops are helping build the new world order

Published 15y ago -

Readers of my articles know that I make it a practice of not giving credence to any wild conspiracies or abstract political theories. Particularly if they are connected in any way to messages of a religious nature. Still, I believe there is relevancy here in a... More »

A wake-up call to action: From the dead poets

Published 15y ago -

It takes an exceptional script with excellent acting and a dynamic storyline to make me sit through a movie without yawning. If by some slim chance its message clicks off something in my brain that is more meaningful than the obvious, I consider it a bonus. In... More »

U.S. Gestapo takin’ names F.B.I. out of control!

Published 15y ago -

Image courtesy of Dave Newman under CC BY 2.0. Predictably and unrelentingly, American government continues to carve out for itself ever-expending rights and freedoms at the expense of once-free Americans in the name of security measures against terrorism. But... More »