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George W. Bush: “Alter boy”

Published 15y ago -

Image courtesy of U.S. Army under CC BY 2.0. The Newsweek caption under the old picture of H. W. Bush’s family attending church says, “George Sr. once taught Sunday school and George W. was an alter [sic] boy.” The spelling error is perhaps t... More »

Benedict Arnett: Purveryor or anti-U.S. propaganda

Published 15y ago -

“Everyone knows that there’s…a heavy liberal persuasion among correspondents.”                           – Walter Cronkite at the Radio and TV Correspondents Assoc. Dinner, March 21, 1996 While the anti-Bush propaganda machines of Dan Rather ... More »

War party in retreat: How sweet it is!

Published 15y ago -

Image courtesy of Larry Gaynor under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. It may be in somewhat poor taste to say “I told you so,” but I can’t resist. My prognosis that the Iraq war, far from being “inevitable,” as we’ve been endlessly told, ha... More »

Do what is right: For the American people

Published 15y ago -

Yesterday, President Bush spoke to an enthusiastic crowd of several hundred-business owners, corporate executives, and other guests at a hotel near Newark Liberty International Airport. The President was in the Garden State to promote his economic policies, pa... More »

Liars ‘r us: No conception of objective truth

Published 15y ago -

Let’s see: a con-man makes up a few non-facts, invents some quotes, and passes off his minor lies as legitimate news over a period of some 18 months. Result: the executive editor and the managing editor of America’s newspaper of record resign in di... More »

I make sure that aliens… know what their rights are

Published 15y ago -

For some time now, I’ve been aware of aliens crossing the border from Mexico and entering the U.S. The problem is, these people are entering a “foreign” country, where they have no idea what to do, and where to go. Having a soft spot in my he... More »

Tragic flaw of California senator Tom McClintock

Published 15y ago -

I’ve known Tom McClintock since I first moved to California in 1981. I have considered him a friend since 1992 and have spoken at fundraisers for him. Tom is a for real Jeffersonian constitutional conservative. I have sat in his offices many times, had him as ... More »