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Someone please help Arizona: The government won’t

Published 16y ago -

Glenn Spencer, head of the private American Border Patrol, prowls the lonesome dirt roads of the Arizona-Mexican border in an ATV, looking for illegal immigrants sneaking over. And he packs a gun. He hasn’t used it yet, however, because he knows the onus... More »

“Coliseum lite”: We are a sick society indeed

Published 16y ago -

It is said that you can tell a lot about people by the books they read, the movies they watch, the hobbies they have, and the way they entertain themselves. The same is true for a culture or society. By examining how a society entertains itself, I believe you ... More »

Blame the GOP…: The pro-sodomy court decision

Published 16y ago -

With one stroke of the pen, faggotry has triumphed at the Supreme Court. And guess what? Republican-appointed Justices are to blame. With a convincing 6-3 decision in Lawrence v. Texas, the United States Supreme Court on June 26 overturned a 1986 case, Bowers ... More »

Let the beatings begin!: Miranda a mirage?

Published 16y ago -

If Bush administration lawyers get their way Miranda will soon be a mirage. The Supreme Court accepted the Martinez case that challenges the 1966 Miranda ruling. David G. Savage writes, “…Oxnard police assert that the Miranda ruling does not include a ‘c... More »

Pressure from above… and pressure from below

Published 16y ago -

Back in the 1930s when I was a teen, (yes, I’m that old) we would cut grass, deliver papers, sell magazines, shovel snow and other things to make a bit of money. One of the prime causes of the need for money was to have a dime to go to the Saturday movie matin... More »

The Bush regime: He’s gone over the edge!

Published 16y ago -

Image courtesy of  Kevin Walsh under CC BY 2.0. Neither Democrats nor Republicans are good for America and the American people. We have lost our constitutional freedoms to both. Both believe in ever-expanding government, both plot and scheme to confiscate as m... More »

Deficits & debt: Two sides of the same coin

Published 16y ago -

Whenever the federal government runs a deficit, it borrows money from investors to make up the difference. Rather than cut back, Congress and the administration borrow in order to continue spending as much money as they planned in the budget. And borrowed mone... More »