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Conspiracy: Goodbye to Solzhenitsyn

Published 16y ago -

The old labels no longer seem to work. In the past we all remember, ideological contestants were either left or right, liberal or conservative. It was easy to tell who was who. All you had to do was measure a man against a generally accepted standard. Today, t... More »

Corruption from the garden party: Of course New Jersey!

Published 16y ago -

Remember Senator Robert Torricelli? And Donald Di Francesco, appointed interim Governor when Republican liberal Christie Whitman left? Remember her Chief Justice, Deborah Poritz, who named “Senator” Frank Lautenberg to the ballot even though the ti... More »

Mirror, mirror: On the wall, who is fairest…..

Published 16y ago -

In case you haven’t noticed, our esteemed President is now asking for the very same thing that he denied the United Nations—sufficient time to prove that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. After telling the UN Security Council to stick it, a... More »

Degenerate America: The sodomite plan (I)

Published 16y ago -

First, the good news. After months of work, my new web site is ready and on line. For all I know, a professional designer could have done the same thing in a couple of days, but I did it myself because I couldn’t beat my own price. Go ahead and laugh, but, whe... More »

Six dumb questions: About the crisis in Liberia

Published 16y ago -

Image courtesy of US Army Africa under CC BY 2.0 Not being a bona fide scholar of history, ancient, modern, or otherwise, I hesitate to question the quasi-conservative, intellectual giants who are running our foreign policy, as to why we are gearing up to R... More »

A few what ifs: Just asking

Published 16y ago -

I hardly ever disagree with Eric Margolies, far an away the best  and most experienced foreign correspondents working today. Over the years he’s been everywhere, knows everybody worth knowing, and  is impeccably honest and courageous. But in his current ... More »