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The eye sees you: As the public is kept blind

Published 16y ago -

When will the policy makers step forward and establish an agency for LIBERTY? Well, as any sincere observer of public affairs knows, government doesn’t have the ability to give you what you already possess – your natural rights. Their function is always ... More »

Not guilty by reason of necssity: Sophistry in action

Published 16y ago -

Kidnapping is no longer a crime in Canada, as long as the kidnapper believes that the kidnapping is necessary. This is true even if the kidnapper admits to the crime, engages in conspiracy to commit the kidnapping, plans it for weeks in advance, and flees the ... More »

America: Law and freedom a matter of integrity

Published 16y ago -

Every July this nation celebrates its independence from the British Crown and the institution of a federal republic that gave the governed control over the election and maintenance of those who constitute the leadership of the country.  The question today is, ... More »

Chaos in Arizona: Send in the Militia

Published 16y ago -

In case the President and his entourage of political sidekicks haven’t read the Constitution lately, I call their attention to several parts of it that are especially relevant for our times. From the U.S. Constitution, Section 8: “Congress shall ha... More »