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To restore conservatism: Justices is the real hope

Published 16y ago -

The Republican Party has its most success at the polls when it advocates the traditional values of conservative principles. But support has been soft at best, with the adoption of the New World Order value ethos. The heritage of past purpose and political will... More »

America: Empire or global welfare provider?

Published 16y ago -

Recently on Ether Zone, there has been some debate over whether “empire” is an appropriate word to describe the United States, either presently or as some would like to see it reconstituted in the future. Columnists such as Justin Raimondo have arg... More »

Libertarianism: Freedom is not license

Published 16y ago -

I am always dismayed when a person professing an amoral philosophy demands moral behavior. Libertarian icon Ayn Rand in a recorded interview aired on C-Span called for morality in government. She lamented the fall of intellectuals as a group into the pit of So... More »

Gramscian methods: Broadly defined!

Published 16y ago -

Just how do you go about attempting to change a culture which has apparently been inextricably interwoven with Christianity for some 2000 years? Gramsci recognized that it would be necessary to do so before the Marxist-socialists could have any hope of institu... More »