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The new FBI: Federal brainwashing initiative

Published 17y ago -

“With these sweeping changes, I think America is a lot safer today than we were yesterday,” – former FBI agent Gary Aldrich. Muller’s FBI Shakeup Will Make America Safer Excuse me Mr. Aldrich but the answer to politically correct roadbl... More »

A thin fragile line: Respecting the law is easy!

Published 17y ago -

The first step in establishing authoritarian rule over a formerly free and self-governing people is to gradually inculcate the concept that the government is law and law is government. That is not the concept envisioned by our Founders. The gradual indoctrinat... More »

Selling out to China

Published 17y ago -

Of all the voluminous allegations surrounding the Oval Office, the President of the United States, and his subordinates these days,  none seems more pressing to us than the inquiry into the long term relationship between the Clinton brigade and Chinese Intelli... More »