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Hiding in plain sight: Are you invisible?

Published 16y ago -

I’ve read many good books in my lifetime, but only several of them had major impacts on my life. Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged was the first, followed by Warren Farrell’s Why Men Are the Way They Are, and Ludwig von Mises’ treatise on econo... More »

Not dead yet: Social conservatism

Published 16y ago -

When Whittaker Chambers abandoned communism and affirmed his belief in Western capitalism and Christianity, he was convinced he was actually switching from the winning side to the losing side. He thought the rising tide of collectivism was irreversible and tha... More »

Why Iraq? A WW III over a Sandlot Tiff is not justified!

Published 16y ago -

Now I realize that what is expected of me is undying, unquestioning patriotism. Make no mistake, I’m am fully willing and prepared to offer it up to the best of my ability. I am upset about the loss of almost 3,000 true American patriots. I love those people a... More »

Your right to privacy: Use it or lose it

Published 16y ago -

If you have money to burn, can afford to hire a team of attorneys to represent you, or aren’t dismayed by the thought of spending several years in court defending yourself, you can stop reading now. If none of the above applies to you, read on. Only you can ex... More »